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Notting Hill Music’s Writers Reap the Benefits of $100k Song Placements through Music Gateway

Music Gateway, the world’s #1 marketplace for music and creative professionals is continuing a prolific success streak by completing over $100,000 worth of song placements in the Asian market in conjunction with their partner KDigital who are based in Seoul, Korea.

With $100k of production buy out fees paid for the masters of future hit tracks, it was no surprise that the high profile projects garnered attention from top publishers such as Notting Hill Music Publishing. In the case of these international deals, the writers retained the bulk of the publishing after allowance for lyric translation or re-writes, if there was no other option in the native language. Notting Hill Music’s writers have placed several songs as part of the recent windfall, which has only added to their greatly established reputation within the Asian marketplace. However, the bulk of the songs have come from independent writers registered on the site from across the world including LA, New York, Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK.

“The Asian music market has been a significant growth area for us. Since working closely in partnership with KDigital, we have seen the benefit and impact of such a vibrant area of the industry outside of the US and UK. It’s testament to the quality of the songwriters & publishers that we have using our platform, as well as our remote working tools, that our clients keep coming back for more. We’re very proud to say that the $100k in fees we have generated for our users was achieved in the last 3 months and is set to increase exponentially in the 2nd half of 2015.” Jon Skinner CEO & Founder Music Gateway

Music Gateway has had a strong presence at a number of conferences across the globe recently, including MUSEXPO in LA and Music Matters in Singapore, with the purpose of securing more high-level opportunities for Music Gateway users.

The company quickly reached the status of the top b2b music industry online platform shortly after its launch and is continuing to strengthen and expand that reputation within the industry in 2015.

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