We have recently launched our new video service. The service allows you to upload a video through Believe Backstage, which then populates your YouTube channel and other video streaming sites.

The new video distribution service is much more than a technical service for distribution; we have created the service around 3 main ideas:


1:     A centralized distribution system and monetization program with the main streaming video services. You upload your video once, and we distribute the video to all relevant platforms.

– We will distribute your music videos to YouTube, Dailymotion, Jukebo and Myvideo.de. (Other platforms will be added throughout the year).

-Use our Easy Entry system to upload your video, chose the release date and countries in which you have exploitation rights and we will monetize and distribute the videos to the sites.

-In order to maximize revenue for your uploads, we have recently negotiated the best advertising rates with the video streaming platforms.


In-order to set you up with the service we are going to need to know your YouTube channel URL. Please contact Gideon@believedigital.com with this information.

To use the video distribution system, go to the Believe Backstage interface and select create a release, and then select Video Web release.


2:     A team dedicated to highlighting your content and monetizing your videos.

In order to make the most of your videos, we have a dedicated YouTube team who:

– Offer strategic advice for your videos

– Help you control illegal copies of your content

– Offer you strategic insight for your videos’ SEO

Our YouTube team is able to see the information you have inputted for the videos description and tags before your videos go live using our video service. We are able to edit this information to increase the SEO of the videos before they are made public.


3:       A media strategy to enhance your content:

Our knowledge of video services has brought us to build thematic channels in order to prepare for tomorrow’s TV. Thanks to our music channels, you’ll find distribution channels for your video and audio content.

We have created a system that automatically creates videos from your audio tracks, which will enable you to create videos for any track from your catalogue. Once the videos are created they are sent to one of our thematic channels.


The benefits of the video creation tool are:

– You generate revenue from the video uploads. (The same rate as you would with video uploads on your channel).

– You benefit from the marketing of the channel. We will drive viewers to the channel with digital and social marketing strategies, which will result in increased views to your videos.

– You will see increased views on your channel, as we will group the video uploads as playlists on your channel.


In order for us to start creating videos for you, all you have to do is send us an email giving your authorization.

If you require any further information or require a Skype demo of the new distribution system please contact: Gideon@believedigital.com