In order to meet all your expectations, we are there to support you in all areas of your distribution and offer even more services.

Financial solutions

We understand the resources and investment needed to release music and market a record. On selected projects, Believe can provide financial support.

Neighbouring rights

Believe has direct NR deals with PPL, SPPF, SOUND EXCHANGE, GVL, SIMIM, AGEDI, SENA, SOPROQ, ABRAMUS and many more for quicker registrations and revenue distribution with fullytransparent reporting. Your ownership rights are easily updated via the Believe Backstage NR Data update tool.

International campaigns

Believe has 420 staff in 32 offices globally, including large market shares in key and emerging territories. This setup offers a global route to market, where Believe can coordinate and execute projects across multiple territories with proven international and local success.

Sync services

With staff working across the globe, Believe Sync is a full service sync department working on direct licensing, creative marketing and new business.

 For more information on Believe Sync, including recent placements, visit: ›

Our commitments

Dedicated music professionals at your service to develop your digital strategy. Honesty, transparency and efficiency are our core values.