At the beginning of the month, the entire UK team left the office to attend AIM’s Music Connected conference along with our CEO, Denis Ladegaillerie, who flew in to join us for the day.

Our CEO, Denis Ladegaillerie

The UK’s leading digital music conference, Music Connected, gave us plenty of opportunities to meet, connect with, share and learn from others operating in the digital sphere. It’s no wonder that it has been going strong for 10 years now, and is known across the industry as the key event in London’s digital music calendar.

It was a great day, for all of us – networking, panels and presentations. We kicked off the day by setting up our stand in the digital market place before heading down to “Meet the Digitals”, where Believe was introduced by Denis.

Other companies joining us in the Digital Market Place were AudioLock, Music2Text and the BPI.

Team Believe then spent the rest of the day taking it in shifts to man the stand and attend panels. Especially of great interest were The Real New Tastemakers, The Real Cost of Direct to Fan and Digital Marketing NOW, where we learnt amongst other things:

  • Content is king, but metadata builds empires
  • Ease of consumption & obsession with anything new is worse for music than file-sharing
  • 30% of a bands income comes as a result of email/newsletter campaign

However, one of the best things about conferences is not just the things we learned, but also the interesting conversations we had, one of my favourites being on the omnipresence of metadata:

Metadata. Everything’s all metadata now. It’s the age of the geeks isn’t it?

See? – business, knowledge AND fun. Here’s what others told AIM:

“It is a very enjoyable event and I will attend again. It is very useful to sit alongside the bigger labels and hear how they market their artists. It is good to share experiences!” – William Hayter, R2R Music

“just wanted to drop you a quick thank-you email from me and Sam. We really appreciated the opportunity to do a presentation at Music Connected and were very impressed with all the hard work that had gone into making it a great day for everyone. Best Music Connected yet!” – David Riley, Good Lizard Media

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a great event last week! It was the perfect introduction for us to London and we were able to meet several AIM members and schedule some great meetings outside the event.” – Tony Edwards, Fancorps

This post is by Believe Digital Social Media Manager Shanni Elcock @shandogspeaks