Amazing radio celebrates independent music with its first ever Independents Month, celebrating all that is great about independence in the music industry. The radio will be introducing 3 of Believe Distribution labels.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get more of Alcopop!, One Little Indian and Black Butter! Tune in on the following dates!

AlcopoprecordslogonewSeptember 3: 

Alcopop! is an independent record label run by Jack pOp and Kevin Douch (of Big Scary Monsters fame) dedicated to indie/alt music. The label began in Autumn 2006 and is now over 100 releases old. Their roster counts the likes of johnny foreigner, Fight Like Apes, Anamanaguchi, Sam Duckworth, Brawlers and Radstewart. 

Here is their ‘Alcopopular’ vol.6 playlist:


September 9:

The multi-award winning independent that launched RudimentalJohn NewmanClean BanditKidnap Kid, Gorgon CityWoz and more.

Check out their artists on Spotify:

September 19:

Since its inception in 1985, One Little Indian has always prided itself on working with artists it feels deserve a wider audience; musicians who make music for the simple pleasure of doing so – passionate about their craft and refreshingly free of pretence.

The label is home to Björk, The Computers, Stubborn Heart, Ásgeir, Cody ChesnuTT, Samaris, HK119, Dan Sartain, Ólöf Arnalds, Kathryn Williams and many more…

Listen to their new releases of 2014: