AMI is the Indonesian awards which strive to reward the creativity in music. This year Believe had a strong list of acts which received awards, they are listed below:

Raisa of Juni Records, with 5 AMI awards for “Kali Kedua”, including the coverted Best Album. Raisa also won Best Female artist at APM. Juni Records also won for Barasuara at AMI.

Ayda Jebat of Paranormal Records when on to sweep 3 awards, including Most Popular APM awards for Artist and Song. She also won the Social Media Icon award. She re-released her hit song, Pencuri Hati with a special Dangdut remix the same night. Her labelmate, Haikal Ali of Paranormal Records, also won Best Singapore Song for Bertemu Kembali”.

Rizky Febian of NETMedia was awarded Best New Artist at both AMI and APM. He releases “Penantian Berharga”, his much anticipated follow up to his wildly successful previous single “Kesempurnaan Cinta”. More Believe acts which won awards are:

Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2016 (19 AWARDS out of 50)

K-1: Kategori Artis Solo Wanita Pop Terbaik 

Best Pop Solo Female Artist:

Raisa – Kali Kedua – Juni Records

K-2: Kategori Artis Solo Pria Pop Terbaik

Best Pop Solo Male Artist:

Tulus – Pamit – TulusCompany

K-5: Kategori Artis Grup Vokal Pop Terbaik

Best Pop Vocal Group:

Elfa’s Singers – Memori – RPM

K-6: Kategori Pencipta Lagu Pop Terbaik

Best Pop Song Composition:

Kesempurnaan Cinta – Rizky Febian – NETMedia

K-7: Kategori Produser/Penata Musik Pop Terbaik

Best Pop Producer:

Kali Kedua – Rayendra Sunito & Marco Steffiano – Juni Records

K-8: Kategori Album Pop Terbaik

Best Pop Album:

Handmade – Raisa – Juni Records

K-11: Kategori Album Rock Terbaik

Best Rock Album:

Restart Hati – Slank – VMC

K-12: Kategori Artis Jazz Instrumentalia Terbaik

Best Instrumental Jazz Artist:

Sri Hanuraga – Suwe Ora Jamu – Demajors

K-33: Kategori Karya Produksi Alternatif Terbaik

Best Alternative Song:

Bara Suara – Bahas Bahasa – Juni Records

K-36: Kategori Karya Produksi Reggae/SKA/Rocksteady Terbaik

Best Reggae/Ska/Rocksteady Song:

Endank Soekamti – Terimakasih – Euforia Digital

K-37: Kategori Karya Produksi Kolaborasi Terbaik

Best Collaboration Song:

Afgan & Raisa – Percayalah – Juni Records

K-39: Kategori Karya Produksi Grup Vokal Terbaik

Best Vocal Group Song:

Elfa’s Singers – Memori – RPM

K-40: Kategori Karya Produksi Lagu Berbahasa Daerah Terbaik

Best Regional Language Song:

Viky Sianipar – Aut Boi Nian – Viky Sianipar Incorporated

K-42: Kategori Karya Produksi Instrumentalia Terbaik

Best Instrumental Song:

Tohpati Ethnomission – Pelog Rock – Demajors

K-43: Kategori Karya Produksi Dance/Electronic Dance Music Terbaik

Best Dance Song:

Dipha Barus Feat. Kallula – No One Can Stop Us – Demajors

K-44: Kategori Karya Produksi Folk Terbaik

Best Folk Song:

Adhitia Sofyan – Find Who You Are – Demajors

KU-1: Kategori Artis Pendatang Baru Terbaik – Terbaik

Best New Artist:

Rizky Febian – Kesempurnaan Cinta – NETMedia

KU-2: Album Terbaik – Terbaik

Best Album:

Handmade – Raisa – Juni Records

KU-3: Karya Produksi Terbaik – Terbaik

Best Production:

Raisa – Kali Kedua – Juni Records

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2016 (8 AWARDS out of 19 Awards)


Best New Male Artist:

Rizky Febian (Kesempurnaan Cinta) – NETMedia


Best Male Artist:

Glenn Fredly (Perempuanku) – Musik Bagus


Best Female Artist:

Raisa (Kali Kedua) – Juni Records


Best Duo/Group:

Afgan & Raisa (Percayalah)


Best Singapore Song:

Bertemu Kembali (Haikal) – Paranormal Records


Most Popular Artist Anugerah Planet Muzik 2016:

Ayda Jebat – Paranormal Records


Most Popular Song Anugerah Planet Muzik 2016:

Pencuri Hati (Ayda Jebat) – Paranormal Records


Social Media Icon:

Ayda Jebat – Paranormal Records

Congratulations to all the winners, and to the AMI for putting on a great ceremony!