A smart way to share your music to your fans.

Backlink allows you to launch a promotion campaign right after creating your release on Believe Backstage.

Thanks to the Pre-Save option you are able to share your new release in a unique link to your fans on Apple, Spotify and Deezer. This enables them to save it to their library, automatically follow your artist page and get alerted once it comes out.

Your Backlink automatically switches to a Smartlink on the release day, so you can keep sharing the same URL across your social networks and route your fans to many other digital music stores available. It is a powerful tool to engage your audience and build success.

One place to gather all the fans.

One link, many options. Save time, keep your fans up to date on your latest releases and help the new ones discover your music.

Bring attention to new or past releases.

Create Pre-Save and Smartlink campaigns, route your fans directly to your music on their favourite stores.

Share a Backlink and start promoting your music.

A smart and intuitive solution to share your music across your social networks and communication tools, since the very first stage of promotion.

Grow your audience.

Pre-Save enables automatic follow of your profile on stores, saves your music in fans libraries and alerts them once it’s out. An efficient way to generate streams.

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