Artist: Drunken Sufis
Release: DroneWars
Label: Bad Friend Records
Genre: Post-Punk – Rock

Squealing feedback kicks off this jarring, abstract, post-punk odyssey, and the abrasive action never stops. Oscillating between fast-paced, SST Records fueled aggression and dark, droning instrumentals, ‘DroneWars’ imagines a bleak future blighted with unbridled greed and disturbing psychological manipulations. Between searing guitars, disjointed drum breaks, and sinister Speak ‘n Spell voiceovers, the desolate ‘DroneWars’ landscape is as compelling as it is heavy.

Brooklyn band Drunken Sufis is signed to Bad Friend Records, a label based in Washington, D.C. In the late ’90s, BFR founders Ryan Little and Tommy Siegel grew up together in Richmond, VA. Over the next several years, they each put out a handful of albums with their respective bands, both on other labels and independently. In 2011, they teamed up to give a home to a few projects that still didn’t have label support, and Bad Friend Records was born.

Watch a teaser for the album below and follow the store links to purchase the album digitally.