Alela Diane albumArtist: Alela Diane
Release: About Farewell
Label: Believe Recordings / Rusted Blue Records
Genre: Alternative

“A devastating epic of love, nostalgia, and pain”– Pitchfork. Alela Diane’s ‘About Farewell’ acts as an eloquent goodbye to lovers from years past, coupled with poignant walks down memory lane. To call the writing experience cathartic would be an understatement, for lyrically it deals directly with her recent divorce, while exploring her entire last decade of relationships with tremendous honesty and nuanced insight. The stripped down folk songs glimmer with Alele’s exquisite poetry while presenting something somber and achingly truthful.

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Samaris - SamarisArtist: Samaris
Release: Samaris
Label: One Little Indian Records
Genre: Dance – Electro

Debut album from Icelandic wunderkind Samaris. Combining XX-style electronic beats with traditional Icelandic lyrics and clarinet, Samaris is one of the most hyped bands out of Iceland. One Little Indian signed the trio to join Icelanders Bjork & Asgeir. Samaris compiles their two Icelandic-released EPs, Hljóma Þú (2011) and Stofnar falla (recorded at Sigur Rós’ Sundlaugin studio with múm, 2012) and four special remixes. Formed in 2011 in Reykjavik, Samaris won the Icelandic Músíktilraunir (winners include Of Monsters & Men) and Kraumur Award.


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The Crimea - Square MoonArtist: The Crimea
Release: Square Moon
Label: Alcopop! Records and Lazy Acre Records
Genre: Alternative – Indie Rock / Alternative Rock

Returning after a hiatus following the release of the bands second album “Secrets of the witching hour” (which defined legendary status as the first ‘big album’ to be given away free), The Crimea are set to return this summer for one final hurrah, with a slot at 2000 Trees festival, a headline show at The Jazz Café in London, and this brand new double album “Square Moon”. Based around the lovelorn lyrics of aforementioned Davey, Square Moon is (unlike previous efforts) not built around its ‘obvious singles’, it is a dazzling technicolour tour de force through woozy pop, ragged folk and desolate piano.

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Toby Gale - StarfruitArtist: Toby Gale
Release: Starfruit EP
Label: Tape Club Records
Genre: : Dance – Beats & Breaks / Electronica

‘Starfruit EP’ – the debut release from Toby Gale – is a playful blend of soulful, disco-tinged electronica getting support from BBC 6 music, XLR8R, Artrocker and more. Sculpted in Gale’s South London bedroom studio, the EP’s first serve is ’15 Love’, an enticing, fizzing opener and short yet sweet statement of intent. Pimped up synth heavy micro-banger ‘Cool Car’ follows and showcases Gale’s fun-loving, uplifting approach to angular electro sounds, whilst ‘You & I’ is a more heartfelt, understated affair. ‘Cool Car’ returns for a victory lap, re-sprayed, stripped down and turbocharged by Mr. Mitch.