freemasonsArtist: The Freemasons 

Release: Shakedown Volume 3 
Label: Freemaison Recordings 
Genre: Dance

Freemasons are back with ‘Shakedown 3’, a huge album full of massive new tracks guaranteed to set dancefloors alight.

This highly anticipated, brand new album features new Freemasons productions and new versions of their biggest hits, and is packed full of individual edits of all the new tracks, completing a must-have collection for any dance music fan.

‘Shakedown 3’ looks set to be one of the biggest dance albums of the year, and we’re reminded once again, that no one can bring the party quite like Freemasons!


the dotArtist: The D.O.T
Release: People Watching 
Label: Mike Skinner
Genre: Dance – Beats & Breaks / Electronica

After almost a year, Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey’s The D.O.T have announced their highly anticipated return with excellent new single ‘People Watching’, set for release on 1st September through Skinner’s self-titled label.

The duo have reunited in the studio after a busy period working on their own projects. Harvey, of The Music fame, has been writing for a string of dance artists while Skinner has been founding his record label, Mike Skinner Ltd., DJ-ing and continuing with his photography and film experiments. 

‘People Watching’ follows ‘In The Mirror You Can Only Kiss You Mouth’, which they posted online earlier this year, and is packed with all their characteristically catchy sound and banter. Harvey’s distinctive vocals take the lead role over Skinner’s accomplished production and subtle vocal cameos. 

Skinner’s new label is not only a channel for his own material but also for showcasing the talents of his favourite new artist Oscar #Worldpeace, who features on the B-side to the new single, ‘Less Than Tomorrow’. The track comes accompanied with a typically zany video, shot by Skinner using a drone helicopter in Japan, almost landing him a spell at Nagoya prison. 

With plans to release a new track every other month, alongside more videos and a forthcoming East London club night, you can expect to hear much more The D.O.T throughout the rest of the year.


spyArtist: S.P.Y
Release:  Back to Basics Chapter 2 
Label: Hospital Records 
Genre: Drum and Bass 

The recent ‘Back To Basics Chapter 1’ LP introduced a new edge to his sound, and having tested these tracks in his DJ sets over recent months, S.P.Y has fine-tuned mixdowns and structures for maximum dancefloor impact.

Returning for the second chapter, S.P.Y goes ‘Back To Basics’ and takes us deeper, darker and further underground with this uncompromising selection. 

S.P.Y brings in the iconic vocals of Diane Charlemagne once more & closest allies Total Science return to collaborate on this second edition, joined by Spearhead’s Bcee and well-renowned MC Lowqui. 

If any D+B artist can truly claim to be the “producers producer” then Carlos S.P.Y has as good an argument as any.



diggs dukeArtist: Diggs Duke 
Release: The Upper Hnad & Other Grand Illusions 
Label: Brownswood Recordings 
Genre: Jazz- Fusion 

The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions is a series of vignettes that tell a story of courtship and intimate interaction. It opens with a confrontation in “Forever Love Is Tainted”, focusing on the inner monologue of a man deceived. The song is a shot of reality, produced by Jelani Brooks to achieve a sound that is syncopated in melody, harmony, rhythm and texture. Each song thereafter documents a realization, “A Private Island” acting as commentary on the literal cost of getting to know someone. Drummer Terry Orlando Jones appears in great form here, and later on “Covered in Cloth”, an acknowledgement of the moment someone invites you to move in.

“The Pinnacle (of Class and Taste)” is the only song presented here that is created solely by myself, though it’s outside influences are quite obvious. It documents the bliss of the high point in its words and also in the fleeting sounds of the supporting production. At the project’s halfway mark, the unaccompanied voice of Carminelitta starts “Our Love Was Brand New” and sets the tone for a session of reminiscence wrapped in synths at every frequency. “Secrets Seem Rehearsed”, complimented by Jelani Brooks’ saxophone arrangement, addresses the fate of it all with a tone that cannot necessarily be classified as optimistic or pessimistic. It just is. And that’s the nature of the struggle for the upper hand.