Artist: Idris Elba

Release: Murdah Loves John
Label: 7 Wallace
Genre: R&B

‘Murdah Loves John’ is the second in a series of character albums to emerge from the mind of Idris Elba. Inspired by his time portraying TV detective John Luther, Idris presents a unique musical interpretation of the sinister themes and settings explored in the series.

The album’s title track ‘Murdah Loves John’ was premiered last night as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record of The World on BBC Radio 1. Pre-order the album here and get the title track immediately:



Artist: Soul Button
Release: Wraith EP Feat. Terry Grant
Label: Steyoyoke
Genre: Deep House

Steyoyoke’s latest EP features smooth vocals by Canadian artist Terry Grant that compromises two originals by Soul Button, one piece by Soul Button and Aaryon, and a remix by Animal Picnic, coming together to make one tear-jerking EP. This ethereal techno tugs playfully at your heartstrings, with it’s moving melodies graciously complimented by beautifully contrasting dark lows and piercing highs.




Artist: Moon Bounce
Release: Body
Label: Secret Songs
Genre: Electro

note from moonbounce: “I wrote this song to celebrate my lady’s body and worship carnal desire. It’s my raunchiest song to date, but also the purest. I didn’t attempt to tackle any complex emotional themes, I just wanted to praise my woman!”

note from ryan: “shouts to my dood noah breakfast for putting me onto moon bounce. MB is such a strong example of what i’ve been seeing as the next evolution of the producer — morphing into the singer-songwriter. it’s really all coming full circle.”



Artist: Lucas
Release: Keep U Warm
Label: Secret Songs
Genre: Electro

“Often when I am making music I have some idea of the place in which I want the song to exist. This ‘place’ can be a room, a field, an old cassette tape, etc. I think that attempting to capture the mood of a specific setting can give my songs a certain quality or atmosphere, and can help me choose sounds that will work well for the track. I will keep the inspiration for this song to myself, but I hope it takes u somewhere that means something to u :)”