Artist: Jungle Brown

Release: Flight 314
Label: Jungle Brown
Genre: Hip Hop

Hip-Hop Hybrid of styles that is Jungle Brown are sure to plant their flag deep with their next campaign. Already with an impressive history behind them, the collective have rallied up press from the likes of RWD mag, worked with Lewi White (think Ed Sheeran, Devlin) garnered plays from DJ Limelight and Target had several SBTV premieres and are hot off the back off some smashing shows at the world famous Jazz Café and London’s very own Kopperberg Festival. Jungle Brown the four piece group of unique origins have come together to put out their second project as a team and this time round you can really sense that these boys are like no other.




Artist: The Toxic Avengers
Release:  Ξ
Label: Roy Music 
Genre: Minimal / Tech

Returning to the source of electro-techno for his third album, it is more deep and imitate than the last albums but still uncompromising. The first single “Over Me” reveals two things about the new album, intensity of sound and melancholic feeling. In the same video a second track “Mob” acclaimed by the hardcore fans continues the story. Also shot in Greece, the official video generated more than 100 000 views in two weeks without any promotion except for on social media.





Artist: Flats and Sharps
Release: King Of My Mind
Label: Move Your Hands
Genre: Folk

Far from the archetypal bluegrass band, the five-piece’s new album, which consists of 11 originals and 3 covers, is an accomplished collection of genre-busting tracks.

Recorded in the wonderfully isolated Deep Litter Studio at Start Point, South Devon in August 2015, ‘King Of My Mind’ was the culmination of five years spent honing their performance and songwriting skills. This came to fruition in the recording process where, alongside award-winning producer David McEwan (Plan B), the album took just five days to complete.

The album explores love, lost love, death, escapism and idealism in equal measures, with the fresh songwriting styles and vocal delivery of lead members Mikey Ponsford and Kirk Bowman.


Artist: Paride Saraceni
Release: Burning
Label: Truesoul
Genre: House

Paride Saraceni’s debut Truesoul release, ‘Burning’, brings us three uplifting and vocal-heavy tech house tracks. A steady groove throughout, Saraceni’s choice of instrumentation and flowing percussion create a melodic yet techy release with all three tracks laced with a solid kick drum, tinkering high hats and sporadic vocals. ‘Burning’ is the perfect offering for the new year and proves there are big things on the horizon for Saraceni.