Artist: D.I.D

Release: TV Christmas
Label: Your Childhood Records
Genre: Alternative


It’s that time of year when the build up for Christmas begins; Toys ‘R’ Us, Santa and an inescapable quantity of Mariah Carey. Fortunately, alt rockers D.I.D are set here to relieve us with their own Christmas anthem, ‘TV Christmas’. A gorgeous slice of melancholia, ‘TV Christmas’ is a dark-humoured take on the force-fed joy of the holiday period. Gently strummed and smoothly produced, the track is one of the band’s finest to date.



Artist: Elias Tzikas
Release: Fuerza Bruta
Label: Voyeur
Genre: Deep House


After more than 20 years, Elias Tzikas is not a new comer in the electronic music industry.
He delivers here “Fuerza Bruta”, a Tech House production built like a soundtrack souvenir of an endless summer in Ibiza in the early 2000 era. Some will feel there’s some Sueno Latino breeze in the Fuerza Bruta DNA. The track is club helper with a lot of love & energy. Pack contains an alternative deep dub, and an emotional & big floor interpretation from Hong Kong’s top producer “Time”.
Play it hard!



Artist: Van Ludwin
Release: Stars Wars Times
Label: Alcopop!
Genre: Indie Rock

Christmas was a time for love and family and X-Factor number 1s >> but this year, Luke Skywalker and co have made sure something rather different is grabbing the headlines. So as pioneers of both Star Wars and generally pissing off the establishment – Northern Irish self-confessed Wookie nerds Ash and Steve Ludwin (AKA Van Ludwin) have got together to create something truly special, with the producer of one of this year’s standout albums, Slave’s Are you Satisfied, Jolyon Thomas.




Artist: Photo Ops
Release: I’d Be Dead
Label: Bad Friend Records
Genre: Indie Pop

A gifted singer and storyteller, Terry Price (aka Photo Ops) cracks and strains in all the right places. His tone conveys both hope and sorrow in the same breath, while he inhabits deep memories and searches for a way forward.

The production on “Vacation,” courtesy of Patrick Damphier (Saddle Creek), is dream-pop via alt-country—clear and emotive, but also washed out and warm. The record’s urgent songwriting and sharp arrangements cut through its hazy, engrossing style.