Artist: Holy Esque

Release: At Hope’s Ravine
Label: Beyond The Frequency 
Genre: Alternative

Glasgow’s Holy Esque announce the release of their long-awaited debut album At Hope’s Ravine, released February 26th 2016 via Beyond The Frequency.

At Hope’s Ravine is the debut album by Holy Esque. It is a primal, muscular, and utterly elemental work – a true epic in an era when such an epithet is overused. Here, bold is beautiful and the Glasgow quartet’s messages of hope and grief, escape and yearning are writ large across sonic skies. This is epic 21st century music occasionally reminiscent of Boy-era U2, early Simple Minds and Echo & The Bunnymen or perhaps more contemporary bands such The National, The Walkmen, Interpol and Titus Andronicus.


Artist: Bullion
Release: Loop The Loop
Label: Deek Recordings
Genre: Leftfield

‘Loop The Loop’ is the debut album from Nathan Jenkins, otherwise known as Bullion.

The evolution of Nathan’s sprightly electronic pop continues with a playful and open hearted record, ‘Loop The Loop’ showcases his inventive arrangements and crisp production following releases on R&S, Young Turks and Greco Roman.

Instrumentation on ‘Loop The Loop’ is broad and features performances from friends and collaborators including Sampha, Laura Groves, Nautic and Tom Skinner.




Artist: Sarah Neufeld
Release: The Ridge
Label: SN Music
Genre: Indie Rock

Sarah Neufeld is a violinist and composer based in Montréal, Canada. Best known as a member of Arcade Fire, she is also a founding member of the acclaimed contemporary instrumental ensemble Bell Orchestre, and most recently as half of an exciting new duo with renowned saxophonist Colin Stetson.

Neufeld counts Bela Bartok, Steve Reich, Iva Bittova and Arthur Russell among the formative influences for her solo work, in tandem with an ear for the textures and sensibilities of contemporary electro-acoustic, avant-folk and indie rock music.




Artist: Jeremy Loops
Release: Trading Change
Label: Jeremy Loops
Genre: Folk

Juxtaposing booming city rhythms with lilting folk, Jeremy Loops perfectly captures the duality of his South African life. The extremes aren’t new to the singer, who by day travels to the furthest corners of Africa to battle deforestation through his organization, Greenpop, and by night resumes as raconteur for raucous fans around the world.

In a whirlwind 2014 and 2015, Loops debuted at #1 on iTunes in South Africa, won the MTV Best Pop Alternative 2015, headlined major festivals, and maintained #1 on the three most prominent radio stations in Southern Africa with “Down South”, his breakout single.