jonny faith sundialArtist: Jonny Faith 
Release:  Sundial 
Label: Tru Thoughts 
Genre: Dance 

“This guy’s music is rooted in hip-hop but oozes cosmic sensibility” –
“buoyant yet adventurous, subtle yet not without directness” – CLASH

2nd February sees the release of Jonny Faith’s debut album, ‘Sundial’, following the “Zheng”/“Slumber” single, and draws on a wide range of musical influences from the past and present. Jonny has crafted his own individual sound overflowing with intricate percussion and lush, organic tones.

Originating from Edinburgh, but now based in Melbourne, Faith gained his ear for rhythm and sound as a DJ and turntablist spinning hip hop, jungle and D&B, both in the UK and Australia, for some years. After a while, like many DJs, he turned his hand to his own productions and sound. Faith’s early music had a strong dub and reggae tinge, with one early single release coming under the alias Dropwise Dubs through the Sydney based Foreign Dub imprint. Although dub sensibilities and production techniques still underpin Faith’s style he moved into the hip hop future beats scene with aplomb hosting both a radio show and club night in Sydney dedicated to the emerging experimental beats sounds sweeping the globe.

In 2011 Faith took this instrumental hip hop tip in his own direction with his “Blue Sky on Mars” EP for Civil Music. Adopting a strong, galactic, synth based theme for the project, this first offering featured sci-fi samples, futuristic beats and remixes from the likes of Ital Tek and Dizz 1.

Today, Jonny Faith’s sound has grown into a warm and emotive experience summed up by his debut full length album forthcoming on Tru Thoughts. Entitled ‘Sundial’, this first LP is a rich tapestry of individual sonic threads, expertly crafted into a single form. Intended as a full, feature length work rather than throw away, standalone tracks it is one to plug in to and digest from start to finish.

Future projects from Jonny are set to expand upon his worldly, cosmic sound and incorporate even wider influence from across the universe.


the erisedArtist: The Erised 

Release: Desire EP 
Label: Medschool Ltd 
Genre:  Dance 

The Erised are a 6 piece band from Ukraine, fusing delicate electronic timbres with beautifully constructed vocals. Band members include previous Med School graduates Detail and Hidden Element, as well as vocalist Sonya Sukhorukova, whose powerful voice drives home the emotive narrative of the music.

The EP marks an important moment for both the band and the label; for The Erised, this debut release showcases an evolving journey of 6 young musicians, and for Med School, a bold move into 2015.




quanticArtist: Quantic
Release: Painting Silhouettes 
Label: Tru Thoughts 
Genre: Dance 

Out 2nd February, “Painting Silhouettes” is the fourth official single from Quantic’s ‘Magnetica’ album, which came out in May to acclaim across the board for its diverse and thrilling combination of sounds from around the globe, all tied together by the impeccable production of Will “Quantic” Holland. The digital release also brings a brand new Shigeto Remix of previous much-loved single “Duvido” feat. Pongo Love.

“Painting Silhouettes” is in many ways Holland’s most deeply personal song to date. In addition to stepping out as a singer, on this album Holland for the first time played the banjo left to him by his late father, an accomplished folk musician; his father had in fact played it on a Quantic track a decade ago (“So Long”, from the ‘Mishaps Happening’ album), but Holland had not yet picked it up. “The time felt right”, he explains, “to experiment with getting back involved with these English sounds, the music of my parents and my sisters; having been exploring so much from African and Latin American music, it was nice to bring something back into it that was a bit more homegrown”. His array of multicultural influences – from Angola, Jamaica, Colombia and beyond – was all the more immersive when channelled into ‘Magnetica’ alongside Holland’s exploration of the English folk music of his own upbringing.

But just as Quantic is not best known for being a folk singer-songwriter, “Painting Silhouettes” is not the average folk ditty; probably best aligned with the sound of Nick Mulvey, another worldly sonic weaver, it takes the listener on a multi-layered and luminous trip. “It came together in Bogotá, late at night, over a few months”, says Holland. “I knew it would be emotional, with a lot of different thematic threads, different arpeggios – a lush arrangement. I wasn’t sure how it would end up, though, and I imagined it going somewhere with a lot more beats and electronics. But in the end I didn’t even put bass on the track, because I was happy with it.”

Never one to neglect the tropical bass lovers, however, on this single Quantic also unveils “Duvido feat. Pongo Love (Shigeto Remix)”, which sees the Ghostly International-signed producer and drummer Shigeto reworking Quantic’s early 2014 dancefloor-rocking single into a deep, late night cut. Pitching down the original Angolan-Portuguese vocals of Pongo Love, heightening the bass and polyrhythmic percussion and weaving in a mass of ethereal chimes makes for an enthralling, slow building and ultimately thunderous club tune.
The other remix in this digital release comes from Ben Sun and follows releases on Delusions of Grandeur, Voyeurhythm & Love Fever Records. Ben flips ‘Duvido feat Pongo Love’ into a striking take on modern house and boogie. Maintaining the pulsing rhythm, he distills this up tempo party cut into an early hours wash of rising synth lines.




esmeArtist: Esme Patterson
Release: Woman to Woman 
Label:  Xtra Mile Recordings 
Genre: Folk 

The former member of Americana group Paper Bird, she has written 10 songs from the perspective of famous women immortalised in song on her album ‘Woman to Woman’, including singing from Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’s point of view on the track ‘Never Chase A Man’, ‘What Do You Call A Woman?’ is a response to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Valentine’ is the voice of Elvis Costello’s ‘Alison’. ‘Woman to Woman’ is Patterson’s second solo album and is to be released through Xtra Mile Recordings on 2nd February 2015.