tiumaniArtist: Toumani Diabate & Sidiki Diabate
Release: Toumani & Sidiki 
Label: World Circuit
Genre: World – African 

“The finest Toumani collaboration since his classic work with Ali Farka Touré” The Guardian *****
“All you have to do is decide if you can believe your ears.” MOJO ****
Toumani & Sidiki is a dazzling dialogue – between father and son; past and future; power and restraint – conducted through the kora, the 21-string West African harp which the Diabaté dynasty has transformed into the most iconic of African instruments.
Father-and-son collaborations are rare enough, but the ties binding Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté are particularly profound and evocative. Descended from a long line of griots – custodians of the ancient oral traditions of West Africa’s Mandé people – they are two generations of kora players in a family lineage which stretches back hundreds of years.
“One of the world’s pre-eminent musicians in any genre.” Observer
“All you have to do is decide if you can believe your ears.” MOJO****
“I’ve never in my life been that close to anybody playing anything that well” Word
“one of the Worlds greatest musicians” Pitchfork



samarisArtist: Samaris
Release: Silkidranger 
Label: One Little Indian
Genre: Dance – Electro

Samaris release ‘Silkidrangar’ their debut album – via One Little Indian on May 5th. Combining disparate elements of electronics (Þórður Kári Steinþórsson, aka ‘Doddi’), clarinet (Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir) and Jófríður Ákadóttir’s enchanting voice, Samaris mix glacial electronica and bold, percussive beats with haunting chant-like vocals – the lyrics culled from nineteenth century Icelandic poems.



gone in the morningArtist: Donaeo
Release: Gone In The Morning
Label: Zephron
Genre: Dance 

Our boy Donae’O is never one to disappoint and his brand new single Gone In The Morning proves just why. The track that features producer/DJ Carnao Beats (Audio Rehab) has taken it to a whole new vibe. D’s vocals echo through the song as he sings, ‘You told me to be gone in the morning’ and the tiny patter of drums and infectious synths is guaranteed to get the people on their feet. BBC Radio 1Xtra’s, DJ Cameo premiered it on his show and it has since been shortlisted and appeared as part of his official chart show the 1Xtra Garage Charts, where it’s currently #3. With additional radio support coming from Mark Radford, Lance Morgan and B3 it has also received a co-sign from the likes of Route 94 and Roger Sanchez.



alex morphArtist: ALEX M.O.R.P.H vs FEEL
Release: Trancemission Anthem 2014
Label: Vandit
Genre: Dance – Trance

Driven by its regimented marching drumatics and percussive cymballic crashes, ‘The Anthem’ begins a swift, focused ascent to its classical arching orchestral strings and atmosphere ramping FX. With its tempo running hot, the pair cranks the sirens. Just when you think things can’t get much combustive, the pitch wheel goes into overdrive, its arena-filling tubular synths sound out and its (Trance)mission accomplished!