Slow SkiesArtist: Slow Skies
Release: Keepsake
Label: Faction Records
Genre: Alternative – Indie Pop

Slow Skies is the music project of singer/songwriter Karen Sheridan and music producer Conal Herron. Having met whilst studying music in London, the pair decided to start working together and returned home to Ireland to record their debut EP ‘Silhouettes’ in the winter of 2011. It was during this time the pair developed their slow burning ambient folk sound. They released this EP in the summer of 2012 and started playing gigs with a full band in Dublin. Honing their performance skills on stage and developing their sound further, they went back to record in the winter of 2012. What came out of this time is the EP entitled ‘Close’, four songs with sparse production, climatic drums; striking a balance between delicate and forceful. Their song ‘On The Shore’ charted on hype machine, and was featured in the season finale of America’s ABC TV show ‘Ravenswood’, which was seen by 1.4 million people. Adding to this, three of their songs will be featured in the Imax
Documentary ‘A Search For Freedom’ due for release in 2015. They’ve played in New York as part of the prestigious CMJ Festival, and have headlined shows in both Dublin and London. They started off 2014 supporting James Vincent McMorrow on his Irish tour and followed that with high profile opening slots, at sold out shows, for St Vincent and Cat Power in Dublin’s Olympia theatre, and were busy in between all of this, recording their forthcoming EP ‘Keepsake’ which will be released at the end of September. The lead track from the EP, Ice Field, features additional production from Richie Egan and Glen Keating from Jape. They will tour in support of the EP in October.

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Alexis and the BrainrowArtist: Alexis and The Brainrow
Release: A Young Gun
Label: Auto-Produit
Genre: Alternative – Indie Pop

In 2013, this technicolor band drew the attention with their ‘A Youg Gun’ video and their performance at the mythic Parisian venue Olympia in partnership with Pression Live (Talent du Live 2013).

Their frontman Alexis Delekta is leading the way and telling he’s comming from a place populated by unicorns and pink dreams. A universe that we can found in this first EP. 8 tracks full of pop where clouds are no longer white but colorful !





Prince Fatty -HorsemanArtist: Horseman
Release:  Computer
Label: Mr Bongo
Genre: Reggae – Dancehall

 Horseman needs no introduction! His hard-hitting beats have backed the best Reggae artists in the business; Max Romeo, Little Roy and many more.

Famous for his precision timing and fearsome delivery he is just as comfortable on the mic as behind the kit. The Horse can be seen roaming across Europe appearing at clubs and festivals MCing with the Prince Fatty Soundsystem & Hollie Cook.

Having worked alongside producers and engineers such as Jah Shaka and Mad Professor, he has guaranteed his status both in the studio and on stage and is in the process of recording his new album “Dawn of the Dread”




Pavel KarmanovArtist: Pavel Karmanov
Release:  Pavel Karmanov: Get In
Genre: Classic – Minimalism

There is more than one plot line in this selection of works by Pavel Karmanov. Works from different periods, dedicated to different occasions, are drawing a very recognizable portrait of the author. The author capable to transmit with his art such rare things in contemporary music as light, harmony and happiness, and doing this transmission act with an extraordinary consistency. Without strain, pathos, fake and mawkishness. Behind the apparent sterility and simplicity of tonality lies multifarious world, complex major and dissolving minor keys are even into a thin cunning ligature. “Yes, it turned out, I am becoming a more of a minor key composer eventually” – says the author. But it does not hinder the light, happiness and harmony. Some compositions are winking at us with their names: “Different Rains” vary only with one letter from “Different Trains” – famous work by classic of American minimalism, Steve Reich. But “Funny Valentine” is a nod to the popular jazz standard of 30s of the last century.

Pavel Karmanov – a popular Russian minimalist composer. At the age of five he began writing children’s plays. A graduate of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, member of the Moscow Union of Composers. His works have been performed by world-renowned artists, his music can be heard on the stage, in television shows and commercials on radio and TV. As a result of active cooperation with the leading Russian directors, he wrote soundtracks for documentaries and feature films. Pavel Karmanov – the constant participant of music festivals, such as “Moscow Autumn”, “Alternative”, «Sound Route 1999 Tokyo – Moscow» in Japan, the festival “Dialog “(Moscow, 1996), “Warsaw Autumn – 2005”, Shostakovich Festival in Seattle (2006). In 2013, he also wrote a new musical version of Alexander Borodin’s opera “Prince Igor” directed on stage in Moscow by Yuri Lyubimov.