motsa 2Artist: MOTSA 

Release:  Time  
Label: Southern Fried Records 
Genre: Dance 

Viennese producer Varerio Dittrich aka MOTSA has been building a sterling reputation over the last year with his unique take on bass driven electronic music.

Remixes for Sasha’s Last Night on Earth label and a track on his Mixmag covermount, a ‘Top 50 tracks of the year’ inclusion from Beatport, and an appearance at Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp have all come in a short space of time. Now he is set to join the highly respected Southern Fried Records imprint for the release of ‘Time’, early in 2015.

The EP kicks off with the subtley soulful ‘Digital World’, a delightful broken beat excursion into a melodic, bass fuelled soundscape. Skittering drum patterns, funk laden keys and swirling vocal cuts morph together to form a track with real depth and feeling and showcase the producers undoubted talent from the off.

Next up we have ‘Time Goes On’, an ethereal fusion of FX drenched piano stabs, rumbling sub bass and uplifting vocals that springs to life with an effortless musicality. Hypnotic and heartfelt, the record shows’ the influence of Dittrich’s time on the UK bass scene, whilst living in Scotland some years back, but also transcends any simple pigeonholing with it’s elegant production and rich textural pallet, quality stuff.

Penultimate cut ‘Clocks’ sees MOTSA team up with MIMU for a vocal led affair that is as smooth and seductive as you could want, awash with warms pads and deep bass.

The package is closed with the wonderful ‘Time Out’ which takes a rougher and tougher approach with it’s sawtooth bass and steppin’ percussion. Synth stabs, pianos and vocal snippets all bring an atmospheric quality to the mix and the end result is a perfect final offering for this stunning EP.

Southern Fried Records have hit a perfect note once again with this latest offering from the highly promising MOTSA.



eoneArtist: Eone
Release: Theia
Label: Numerology Records 
Genre:  Dance 

We’re extremely hyped and more than a little proud to welcome back Eone to Numerology for his 2nd EP. ‘Theia’ builds on the soundscapes and ethereal textures showcased in ‘Dispersion’ back in 2013 with an increasingly refined technique and ear for detail.

Opening up the offering is ‘Retribute’ a brooding slow burner that drops haunted vocals over huge evolving synths and intricate layers of percussion. ‘Continue Comme Ca’ steps up the pace with Eone’s unique chordal landscape complimented with a footwork inspired drum pattern and catchy vocal refrain.

Remixes on the EP come from deep house maestro Leigh Morgan who takes the vocal from ‘Retribute’ and works it into a tripped out dancefloor groover. Renowned Brighton joker/producer Mitch Wade Cole takes on ‘Continue Comme Ca’ with an infectious rework and ridiculously groovy bassline.


vesselsArtist: Vessels 
Release: Echo In  
Label: Bias 
Genre: Dance 

The transformation is complete. After four years of incremental musical evolution, Vessels emerge with a brave and brilliant new sound, masterfully fusing the widescreen builds and elegant breakdowns of their previous work with altogether more physical electronic rhythms. With Echo In and their hotly anticipated new album Dilate, Vessels are firmly focused on the euphoria of the dancefloor.The transition from sky-scraping guitars to fluid electronics has been almost seamless. What makes it all the more remarkable is that every bit of it is played live.



back to the grooveArtist: Quentin Mosimann

Release: Back to the Groove 
Label:  Change Your Mind Records 
Genre: Dance 

Quentin Mosimann is ‘back to the groove’ with his latest track eponymous on Change Your Mind records! Between funky hard beats and a modern melody.