bop english 2Artist: Bop English 

Release: Constant Bop 
Label: Blood and Biscuits 
Genre: Alternative

Bop English, the recording name of White Denim frontman James Petralli, has announced a debut record titled Constant Bop that will be released 13 April via Blood and Biscuits. In the making for over four years, Constant Bop is a widely collaborative project which features production from Jim Vollentine, 5th Street Studio’s Ryan Joseph and Nick Joswick, as well as Matt Oliver of Big Orange Studios and the band TV Torso. Constant Bop is the result of years of persistence and determination, having been created in the same period of time that it took Petralli to finish two White Denim records. It is an album born of real studio magic; dozens of musicians contribute to its ten tracks including White Denim’s drummer Josh Block, guitarist Austin Jenkins and bass player Steve Terebecki, as well as former Shearwater bassist Kevin Schneider.

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moriatry 2Artist: Moriarty 

Release: Epitaph 
Label: Air Rytmo 
Genre: Alternative 

Moriarty’s fourth album starts where “The Missing Room” ended: at the threshold of another world – the realm of spirits, ghosts and wandering souls.
It is not -however- an album about death, but rather a journey through a land KNOWN AS THE “Underworld”, OR THE “Afterworld”.

In 2014, after a few years of touring, we opened our archives, our suitcases AND NOTEBOOKS filled with unfinished fragments, forgotten instrumentals and obscure lyrics. We found old tracks recorded on tapes (and dictaphones), captured in the backstage of theaters, hotels and remote hideouts. Songs we had once improvised, then lost and forgotten (“G.I. Jesus”, “Reverse/Anger”, “Long Is The Night”…). Stories of love and loss we had written and recorded in the attic of a farmhouse (“milena”, “maybe a little lie”…)
Riding bicycles through the summer rain in Kyoto, we sung aloud the story of a fallen man (“Ginger Joe”)… a few years later we recorded a first version of the song with the sorcerers of cajun, Mama Rosin. There was, also, a radio drama inspired by Bulgakov’s “Master & Margarita”, for which we wrote songs about demons, witches and dissidents (“Long Live The (D)evil”, “When I Ride”, “Across From My Windows”, “Fire Fire”…) back in our hometown, we settled down and let a few stories emerge in the cold December light, songs about fate, friendship and hidden secrets (“Diamonds Never Die”, “History of violence”)…

Then, following our habit, we embarked on a tour of small venues and acoustic shows through France, Quebec and Switzerland, letting the songs grow and mature on stage for a few months in front of an audience, before recording them with Renaud Letang, who produced and mixed most of the tracks at the studio Ferber in Paris. Once more, we were struck by the recurring themes that kept haunting us, somehow linking all the songs together: the passage of time and life, the invisible dance between the living and the dead, between humans and ghosts, the intertwining of our world with the afterworld. In the end, we cannot but make fun of our own un-controlled tendency to write funeral songs, turning music into a totentanz, a tragi-comical dance of skeletons, a “memento mori”. So we decided to name this album “Epitaph”, to poke fun at the grim reaper himself, to make believe that one can dance with him.


jonny faithArtist: Jonny Faith 

Release: Neon 
Label: Tru Thoughts 
Genre: Dance 

“A kaleidoscopic delight” – DJ MAG
“Buoyant yet adventurous, subtle yet not without directness” – CLASH
“This guy’s music is rooted in hip-hop but oozes cosmic sensibility” –

“Neon” is the second single from Jonny Faith’s debut album, ‘Sundial’. As well as the luminous lead track, this package also boasts some stunning new music, with “Firefly (Clap! Clap! Remix)” and the previously unreleased “Revolve”.

Released on Tru Thoughts in February, the ‘Sundial’ album announced Australia-based Scot Jonny Faith as a serious new talent in the sphere of electronic production with a sparkling, hip hop-rooted style that inspired comparisons to Flying Lotus, The Avalanches and Bonobo (whom he has been booked to support live in Japan).

“Neon” finds Faith exploring 80bpm fast/slow footwork territory, with pitch-shifted, rhythmic and abstract vocals that shine colourful and bright; this immersive yet propulsive track showcases the deft touch that has brought widespread support for the LP.

Continuing the theme of light, the chopped up, overlapping kalimba sounds on “Firefly” evoke images of fireflies darting around each other, creating a heady glow that proves the perfect playground for Clap! Clap! to work his magic with a remix. Carrying on deeper into footwork/juke turf, he also infuses the track with the African sounds that he has become known for exploring; indulging his penchant for short, sweet and intense sonic nuggets (as showcased on his acclaimed ‘Tayi Bebba’ LP on Black Acre) his remix sees the cloud of fireflies thickening into a frantic, shimmering flash.

“Revolve” brings together an array of field recordings – including a London police radio, a bus in Zagreb and cicadas in New York – into strangely frenetic yet hypnotic future beats track. It was created as part of an initiative organised by CDR Projects (the international producers’ movement in which Faith is involved, with peers including Mark Pritchard, in the Australian branch) and Dimensions Festival. The challenge was to make an original song using field recordings contributed by a global community, and “Revolve” will appear on a forthcoming compilation of the top creations.


pierreArtist: Pierre Pienaar 

Release: Far Away 
Label: Vandit Records 
Genre: Dance 

Pierre Pienaar is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing VANDIT family. ‘Far Away’ impresses with energetic strings and an anthemic Trance sound that will tear the roof off at your next party!