little cometsArtist: Little Comets  

Release: Hope Is Just a State of Mind 
Label: The Smallest Label 
Genre: Alternative 

Little Comets release their highly anticipated third album ‘Hope Is Just a State of Mind’. Following a trilogy of EPs released over the past year, ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind’ consists of twelve honest & unabashed tracks from the personal (My Boy William) to the political (B&B). ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind’ cements Little Comets’ place as fiercely independent producers and songwriters at home with a challenging range of topics, set against a musical backdrop dense with melancholy, thoughtfulness and devoted to the service of the song.



mumdanceArtist: Mumdance, Logos 

Release: Proto
Label: Tectonic 
Genre:  Dance 

* Mumdance & Logos present Proto, Tectonics first major release of 2015, set for release on 16th February.

* Recorded by the duo over 2014, Proto is a collection of 10 future-facing club tracks that, against the odds, also provides a deep and involving experience for the listener.

* ‘Proto focusses on the very brief sparks of innovation when new scenes were just forming and genre rules and paradigm were still grey areas; the early bleep track days when imported American techno was starting to be appropriated by the UK, the 93-94 proto era when hardcore was morphing into jungle and later when the darker sound of tech-step reared its mechanical, dystopian head.

* All of this is underpinned with Wot U Call It grime sensibilities and Mumdance & Logos trademark sonic disortientation. Mumdance & Logos concentrate on taking the moods and colours created by these leaps forward in sound and twisting them into something new; keeping in line with the futuristic visions of the originators.

* Both producers had a banner 2014, launching their new label Different Circles and spearheading a movement of spatially untethered club trax coined Weightless. Mumdance took up a residency on Rinse FM, went B2B with Tectonic boss Pinch on their acclaimed mix release (no one else is putting music together quite like this – RA 4/5) before being selected for RBMA Toyko. Logos, aside from appearing with the Boxed crew across London, had a new track Metropolis top Keysound stable comp Certified Connections and had 2013s debut Cold Mission LP checked in FACTs 100 best albums of decade so far.


trackerzArtist: The HeavyTrackerz 

Release: Trackerz   
Label: The HeavyTrackerz Ltd 
Genre: Hip Hop 

The HeavyTrackerz are back & artists are flocking to work with the production trio as everything they touch is turning to music gold!

They are responsible for the number 13 hit ‘German Whip’, plus single ‘One Too
Many’ by Meridian Dan, and the currently widely playlisted ‘Not That Deep’ from
Stormzy as well as the UK remix for Vic Mensa’s ‘Down on my Luck & working
alongside Samsung & Iggy Azalea for the massive US remix of “Beg for it”.
Previously releasing first official single “Old Habits” to take a slight diversion,
showing their broad abilities in musical genres, The Trio venture back to their Grime
origins to release their second single, self-titled “Trackerz”. A spin off track of
P Money’s single “Originators”, “Trackerz” will feature D double, Footsie, P
Money, Stormzy, Big Narstie, Flirta D, Young Teflon and Desparado. There’s no
doubt it’s another smash for the guys!

Signing to Bucks Music Group this year and having previously produced for Wiley,
Big Narstie, Roll Deep, J2K, JME, Boy Better Know, Jammer, Ghetts, Newham
Generals & Rascals, the production outfit have consistently been a staple favorite
for artists but the trio’s public awareness spiraled when Meridian Dan’s anthem was
released earlier this year and with that whispered tag as their track trademark, there’s
no doubt when it’s a ‘Trackerz’ production!



four owlsArtist: The Four Owls 
Release: Natural Order 
Label:  High Focus Records 
Genre: Hip Hop 

Whether as a collective or on their individual merits, the reputation of The Four Owls cannot be messed with, nor questioned, now more so than ever. With the imminent release of their second album entitled ‘Natural Order’, The Four Owls are perched, ready to swoop in for the kill, and in true Owl fashion, the prey (the listener) will have no idea what hit them.

As classic as it was, it
seems their first record, the wildly popular ‘Nature’s Greatest Mystery’, was simply a stepping stone to this point, luring in the listeners to what certainly is the next level, and true of all great predators, by this point its too late to escape.

As one would expect the four seasoned MC’s, Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, Verb T & BVA all deliver the goods. Now a tightly knit unit after a few years on the road together, their chemistry on and off stage is unparalleled, and their conceptual approach is sharper than ever.

Tackling subjects from
assassinations, heartfelt confessions, to prejudice and karma to absolutely everything in between the Owls have produced one of the most cohesive albums in recent times, hitting the nail on the head with each track. Carrying on the tradition begun on ‘Nature’s Greatest Mystery’, label mates Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter both make appearances once more, newcomer Smellington Piff is also added to the mix.

The album is jam packed to the brim with that soulful sound, Leaf Dog leaves no
stone unturned production wise, proving to be a true master of his craft, and has created an album that unfolds like a classic… Like all REAL classics past, present and future; the legendary DJ Premier is involved in some shape or form. High Focus Records is proud to announce that this album is no exception to the golden rule, as the colossal ‘Think Twice’ is produced by the man himself, serving as the cherry on top to to this modern day masterpiece.

The Four Owls are Hip Hops top predator and they are here to restore the ‘Natural Order’ amongst the chaos.