sons of the sea Artist: Sons of the Sea
Release: Sons of the Sea
Label: Membran
Genre: Alternative

Sons of the Sea is the quintessential Brandon Boyd record -an introspective, eclectic collection from the artist, author, activist, environmentalist and surfer that will tantalize longtime fans while further spotlighting his evolving interests. The acclaimed Incubus vocalist is stretching his formidable creative muscles with a daring new foray into solo music. While Boyd’s inviting, empathetic voice is familiar to millions, Sons of the Sea, the self-titled album, infuses it in challenging new contexts. Produced by the renowned Brendan O’Brien (Incubus, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine), the album luxuriates in innovative sonic backdrops, allowing what they coined as “oddball pop” to flourish.

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hot since 82

Artist: Hot Since 82, Joe T Vannelli
Release: The End
Label: Moda Black
Genre: Dance – House

Recently tipped as a key artist to watch during the next 12 months by Billboard, Leeds-based producer/DJ Hot Since 82 delivers of the most widespread supported tracks during 2013. With dance music’s welcomed recent gravitation towards more soul-infused beats, Hot Since 82’s “The End” is equally as modern in its hypnotizing drumbeats and detailed nuances yet classic in its relaxed, emotional and seemingly effortless strings. Every artist looks to make their mark on the scene with a defining approach that yearns for wide-open ears. But make no mistake that “The End” is guided by an orchestral landscape that signals the young producers true and effortless form. Further emphasizing “The End’s” vivid qualities, respected and award winning director Jamie Childs transforms the track into a striking scored video, full of incisive storytelling.



chinese man once upon a timeArtist: Chinese Man
Release: Once upon a time
Label: Chinese Man Records
Genre: Dance – Electro

Chinese Man, carried by Chinese Man Records label, is a collective French trip hop band created in 2004 and originally from Aix-en-Provence. They draw their influences from hip-hop, funk, dub, reggae and jazz. They are back with a new maxi announcing the upcoming « Groove Sessions Vol.3.  First extract of the Ep is nothing less than the single ‘Once Upon A Time’ featuring two of the main south african hip hop artists. Second track features the legendary Johnny Osbourne, YT and Taiwan MC (the official MC of Chinese Man).




BrazilArtist: Orquestra Imperial 
Release: Fazendo as Pazes Com o Swing
Label: Mais Um Discos
Genre: Latin – Brasil / Tropical

‘Fazendo as pazes com o swing (Making peace with the swing)’ is Orquestra Imperial’s sophomore album and a majestic offering of gafieira samba shot through with a psychedelic twist of rock guitar riffs, tropicalia, salsa, bolero, maracatu and beyond.  MOJO praised the ‘Retro samba from Rio’s funkiest big-band revivalists’, while The Daily telegraph appreciated the band ‘revisited the stately sway of 1940s and 1950 Rio with funk and electronic touches adding a decidedly post-modern twist’.  Reading the Orquestra line-up is like a who’s-who of Rio’s most sought-after musicians: the inventors of post-tropicalia formerly signed to David Byrne’s Luaka Bop, Kassin, Domenico and Moreno Veloso (Caetano’s son); member of Devendra Banhart’s live band and founder (with Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes) of rock super-group Little Joy, Rodrigo Amarante; Brazilian soap opera queen & vocalist Thalma de Freitas plus legendary percussionist Wilson das Neves, to name but six. The cover photo  is a portrait of Nelson Jacobina, one of the founding member of the Orquestra taken at a pre-carnival Orquestra Imperial show in 2009. Nelson sadly passed away in 2012 – ‘Fazendo As Pazes Com O Swing’ is duly dedicated to him.

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