little comets

Artist: Little Comets 
Release: The Gentle EP
Label: The Smallest Label
Genre: Alternative – Indie Pop

English indie-rock favorite Little Comets return with their new EP in anticipation of their third studio album. Having charted with all previous releases, the band has a big fan base and is much acclaimed for their brand of upbeat & addictive melodies. A quarter truncated, lyrically nuanced and fiercely self-productive, the committed trio of Matthew, Robert and Michael have lurched from one experience to the next, now arriving at the beginnings of their third album cycle. This is really one to check out this week.



groove armada- pork sodaArtist: Groove Armada  
Release: Pork Soda
Label: Moda Black
Genre: Dance – House

Groove Armada make their debut on Moda Black with Pork Soda – 3 sublime infectious house grooves, made to make the floor shake.  Some artists come and go with the changing of the tides; others transcend the trends and become seminal in the process. If there were a dance music hall of fame, these guys would be longtime inductees. But let’s not get caught up in nostalgia – they’ve been pushing things forward every step of the way. From club tracks to live shows, to multimillion selling albums, to all-encompassing visual/audio spectacles – the Groove Armada has been sailing strong since 1995. Recently Tom and Andy made the decision to step away from the arenas and return to their roots, composing a collection of raw, foundation-shaking tracks, designed for the warehouse.







Prince fatty Mungio's HiFiArtist: Prince Fatty, Mungo’s Hi-Fi
Release: Prince Fatty Versus Mungo’s Hi-Fi
Label: Mr Bongo 
Genre: Reggae

Mr Bongo is extremely proud to announce the much-anticipated release of the next installment from the legendary Prince Fatty. This time Prince Fatty is up against the mighty Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem. Prince Fatty is a group put together by producer and engineer Mike Pelanconi, (whose credits include Lilly Allen’s smash ‘Alright Still’ for Regal/EMI and Little Barrie ‘Stand your Ground’ for Genuine/PIAS). The group also includes; Little Roy, Bubblers from the Ruff Cut Band, Style Scott from the Roots Radics, Winston Francis and Hollie Cook, the vocalist from the band The Slits. Mixed in his own seaside studios, in an analog haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape echoes and custom hi-grade mixing console, Prince Fatty won’t disappoint the lovers of the early 70s sound. Prince Fatty has worked with the likes of Bukky Leo, Nostalgia 77, Prince Buster, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Studio One.




spring offensive

Artist: Spring Offensive 
Release: Hengelo
Label: Spring Offensive
Genre: Alternative – Indie Rock / Alternative Rock

Oxford 5-piece release the 2nd intriguing single from their debut album ‘Young Animal Hearts’. Hengelo is a refreshing and quietly mesmerising lament based on the true story of Robin van Helsum (aka Forest Boy). Hengelo is about a young man who ran away. It’s about growing up. Despite the energetic drum beat and gentle guitar melodies, there lies an uncomfortable urgency within the track. Its vocals only add to this by drastically altering any cheerful tone through eerie harmonies, leaving the listener to focus on the lyrics.

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