Artist: College
Release: Heritage
Label: Valerie Records
Genre: Electronic

New album from College! Nicolas Winding Refn chose ‘A Real Hero’ by College feat. Electric Youth as the theme song for his acclaimed film ‘Drive’, which then went on to win the award for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. He now returns with a new album, ‘Heritage’. College is David Grellier, a French electronic music composer. In 2007 he started Valerie, a blog that has become both a record label and an expanding cultural network of international artists. That same year saw him release his first self-produced album, ‘Teenage Color’ Ep, and then the acclaimed ‘A Real Hero Ep’ in 2009.




Artist: Huxley
Release: Tsuba Loves… Huxley
Label: Tsuba Records
Genre: Electronic

Tsuba was one of the first labels to recognise the talents of Huxley back in 2009, releasing the ‘White’ EP alongside Ethyl, and are happy to announce this retrospective of his Tsuba work to date. ‘Mother Tongue’ from the EP sat at the top of Beatport’s deep house chart for one month. They were also the first label to release his debut solo EP ‘Get Your Own’ for the purple edition of Tsuba Colours in 2010. Following his latest single  ‘No Matter What’ for the label last year, it seems like a good time for a retrospective of his Tsuba work to date.




Artist: Dumb
Release: Dive
Label: One Beat Records
Genre: Rock

Debut single from teenage B-town indie upstarts approved by BBC Radio 1; ‘Dive’ is the debut single from Dumb. Exploding out of Birmingham, teenage four-piece Dumb – formed from the ashes of The Carpals – have a raw sound that aims to mix up the music scene with a performance reputation that has made their live shows incendiary. Produced by Dreamtrak (JAWS, Swim Deep, Cymbals) Dumb join the B-Town indie music explosion launched by the likes of Peace and Troumaca. BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart & Alice Levine said “We are massive fans. Another ridiculously talented band from Birmingham”.




Artist: The Black Ghosts
Release: Forgetfulness
Label: Southern Fried Records
Genre: Electronic

The Black Ghosts are back with the excellent ‘Forgetfulness’, one of the highlights from their last album ‘When Animals Stare’, remixed by Fake Blood and Sona Vabos. The Black Ghosts burst on to the scene back in 2006 with a string of singles that captured their unique fusion of folk tinged songwriting and edgy electronic production. The brainchild of songwriter/vocalist Simon ‘Skywave’ Lord and production wizard Theo ‘Fake Blood’ Keating, the Black Ghosts have gone on to become a highly respected act with two outstanding album releases under their collective belt.