Batida, Carlos Lamartine – Yumbala / Ngongo J’Ami (Remix 7″ Single)

LABEL: Soundway Records

FORMAT: Single

GENRE: Dance – Beats & Breaks / Electronica

DATE: 07/05/12

“Yumbala / Ngongo J’Ami (Remix 7″ Single)”, the new remix single of songs by Batida and Carlos Lamartine is out now through Soundway Records. This release follows Batida’s debut album release on 26th March.

The opening track “Yumbala” has been remixed by AJ Holmes, and “Ngongo J’Ami” by Batida.

The single has already received spot plays on BBC 6 Music (Lauren Laverne, Gideon Coe, Tom Ravenscroft and Gilles Peterson), World on 3 BBC Radio and more.

“A distinctly vibrant project with it’s feet firmly rooted in the past, Batida combine samples from old 1970s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music” – Soundway

Check out “Yumbala / Ngongo J’Ami” here:


Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik – Everything’s Ok

LABEL: Bread & Butter Records

FORMAT: Single

GENRE: Hip Hop

DATE: 07/05/12

When two bonkers mid-twenty-somethings from London put their creative minds together to make a project, some madness is bound to take place. When those said two are highly respected homegrown hip-hop mainstays, it’s evidently going to be better than all the nonsense that’s out there now. Those two are rapper Rewd Adams and DJ/producer The Last Skeptik, and this is the first offering from their anticipated forthcoming album “How Not To Make A Living”.

There is no other way to describe lead single “Everything’s OK” apart from ‘massive’. It is a 120bpm behemoth-like banger of a track, with the undeniable bounce of Outkast and an extremely infectious hook. The single is backed with two album songs that remind you of the raw hip hop roots that nurtured Skeptik and Rewd’s earlier works. “Bring It Back” features a stanky large drum break and keys from Skep, steel-clad bars spat from Rewd, and cuts from DMC world champion DJ Mr Thing. Third track “Nukey” has a heavy drum break and synths from Skep, with Rewd channelling his inner Big Daddy Kane via the hardcore ferocity of Blade.



10 Below – Break These Walls Down

LABEL: Ice Cream Records


GENRE: Dance – House – 2 Step / Garage

DATE: 07/05/12

The legends of UKG, 10 Below (Kelly Le Roc ‘My Love’), are back with a track that is set to shake the airwaves and clubland. “Break These Walls Down” features Kelly Pepper, a 22 year old singer/songwriter from London.

Having just completed her debut album with some of the best songwriters and producers the UK can offer, she’s now ready to take the industry by storm. Recently featuring on KIG’s comeback single “Dreams”, which reached top 10 in the club-dance charts and had regular plays on numerous radio stations across the country. With an imminent tour and debut solo single to come later this year, there’s no doubt Kelly is one to watch in 2012.

Featuring alongside Kelly is the cousin of British rapper Dizzee RascalGracious K. Hot on the heels of his highly addictive songs “Migraine Skank”, and “Hands In The Air” and edging close to 2 million hits on YouTube with his combined videos, the East London born rapper also sprinkles his magic on this track.



Belleruche – Rollerchain

LABEL: Tru Thoughts


GENRE: Alternative – Electronic / EBM

DATE: 07/05/12

Belleruche’s fourth album, “Rollerchain”, is out now through Tru Thoughts. This album follows single “Stormbird”, which has by now clocked up 100,000 YouTube hits in just a few short weeks.

With “Rollerchain”, Belleruche have created a more bass heavy, evocative and darker sound in the studio and onstage, whilst still retaining that melodic soulful touch that sets them apart and has gained them a worldwide fanbase. Showcasing a very modern aesthetic combined with classic song writing ability, the album is a collision of haunting vocals, tough analogue sounds and bleeding edge electronic production.

The band spent the last five months of 2011 working on the writing and recording of the album, away from the distractions of touring; taking sounds and twisting them, recording straight versions of songs with bass, drums and guitar and then tearing the idea apart to find a novel and captivating style. A new and unconventional approach to songwriting has resulted in this introspective and aggressive record.

The Amazon and eMusic Bonus Versions have a bonus track each – “Stolen Mirror” on Amazon and “A Mile Walk” on eMusic.



S.P.Y –  Love & Hate EP

LABEL: Hospital Records


GENRE: Dance – Breakbeat / Drum & Bass – Jungle

DATE: 07/05/12

“Love & Hate EP” by S.P.Y is out now through Hospital Records.

It’s hard to believe that this is S.P.Y’s debut full artist release on Hospital. From his first ever release on Med School in 2005, this release is set to win the hearts and minds of long time D+B fans and new comers alike, with its return to core values and pure sound. “Love & Hate” is simple back to basics sub-bass science. Moody atmospherics and trademark twisted diva vocals on the intro make way for some of the most ridiculous subs we’ve heard since the scene in “Jurassic Park” where the T Rex makes the glass of water shake. Next up is the deceptively entitled stepper “Clouds” – where brooding virus synths precede some grinding machine funk. With an offbeat judder reminiscent of the very biggest tech-step anthems this will put a smile from ear to ear on the face of every true junglist.

Taking the heritage sound even further, “Sleepy Hollow” sees Carlos strip back his production to an even purer Detroit sound. It’s an epic synth work out clocking in at over seven and a half minutes. Made in a more traditional, way this is a true opus, and by the standards of today’s attention deficit D+B, quite a marathon.





Katzenjammer – A Kiss Before You Go

LABEL: Propeller Sound



DATE: 06/05/12

“A Kiss Before You Go”, the new album by Norwegian four-piece Katzenjammer is out now through Propeller Recordings. Featuring eleven tracks of folk pop “also informed by Balkan flavours, cabaret clubs, comic strips and straight up pop with the odd dark number thrown in for good measure”, according to Indie London, the band’s second album/debut UK release is one to watch out for.

“…it’s hard to believe any other album this year will make you feel so off-balance as it unfolds – a really rather glorious feeling to be felt in a musical world too often filled with convention.” – The Digital Fix

“…a wonderfully eclectic delight… an album that’s by turns kooky and obscure yet also catchy and jig-along.” – Indie London




Listen to the album on Spotify (with a bonus track):

Buy the album here:





Emmy the Great – God of Loneliness

LABEL: Close Harbour

FORMAT: Single

GENRE: Alternative

DATE: 06/05/12

“God of Loneliness” is the new single by singer-songwriter Emmy the Great. It was originally written for album “Virtue” but didn’t quite make the final tracklist – however, the much sought-after track is now available to fans.

“God of Loneliness” is not just any ordinary single – it is accompanied by a series of comic strips online as well as a short film starring Shazad Latif of Spooks fame and Isy Suttie (Peep Show), which Emmy describes as a “horror rom-com”.

It has already received airplay on Radio 1 (Huw Stephens), Radio 2 (Jo Wiley) and BBC 6 Music (Steve Lamacq, Marc Riley).

Check it out here: