The Rumour Said Fire – The Arrogant

LABEL: Believe Digital


GENRE: Alternative

DATE: 01/04/12

Danish post-rockers The Rumour Said Fire’s critically acclaimed debut album is available now in the UK through Believe Digital.

Conceived by singer, songwriter Jesper Lidang in 2008, The Rumour Said Fire soon became one of Denmark’s biggest bands, with their first EP “The Life And Death Of A Male Body” becoming a huge hit. After the EP the band went immediately to Copenhagen’s Moono studio where they spent six very intense months writing and recording during the spring of 2010. Producer Aske Zidore (Oh No Ono) rehearsed the band relentlessly so they could record at the very peak of their powers, though the songs would morph and twist as they played, there was always space for creativity and intuition.

The songs that have made it to the band’s debut LP are lit by a sense of wonder and adventure. Jesper’s consideration for the wider world of thought and ideas and the striking beauty in things besides music, as well as his love for surrealism, has had a deep impact on the lyrics of The Arrogant.

“Ruthlessly charming, harmony-heavy debut from Denmark’s finest pop scientists.” – Q 4/5 

“By The Shore is touched by the deep drama and exquisite melancholy of the Bee Gee’s finest late-60’s chamber-pop.” – The Guardian



Bob Sinclar – Disco Crash

LABEL: Yellow Productions


GENRE: Dance – Commercial / Club

DATE: 10/02/12

World-famous house music DJ Bob Sinclar’s new album, “Disco Crash”, is out now through his label Yellow Productions.

With “Disco Crash”, Bob Sinclar returns to the style that his made him successful around the world: a smart mix of genres and sounds, resulting in something resolutely house. He invited the star of dancehall Sean Paul to participate on “Tik-Tok”, the first single taken from the new album. It’s a devastating piece of electronic raga, based around a sample from the hit song “No Limit” by 2 Unlimited, a rhythmic and seductive track that evokes the DJ’s previous productions. Bob Sinclar reinvents disco with the album’s second hit “Far l’Amore”, featuring the famous Italian icon, Raffaella Carrà. Other collaborations on the album include Sophie Ellis Bextor, Snoop Dog and Pitbull.



Check out “Disco Crash” here:



Elro – Bad News

LABEL: The Beats

FORMAT: Single

GENRE: Hip Hop

DATE: 09/04/12

“Bad News”, the new single by Elro is out now through newly re-born label The Beats, founded by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem.

Elro is a 23 year old rapper from Chepstow, Wales, who describes himself as “a pretentious white boy whose main influence is getting rejected by women” – not your typical rapper’s personal-statement. After trying his hand at stand-up-comedy and writing rhymes about his dislike for Boris Johnson, Elro gained notoriety when his F64 for SBTV quickly became one on the highest viewed videos in channel’s history – 1.5 million and counting.

Iconic, shambolic and ahead of its time, The Beats was the record label in 2004 that kick-started a revolution in the UK rap scene. Building on the success of Mike Skinner’s own musical persona The Streets, The Beats record label gave birth to some major recording artists such as Example and Professor Green, although the label was unfortunately short-lived.

Having seen the very SBTV performance that broke Elro to the unsuspecting public, Mike felt finally there was a rapper who could live up to the standards of The Beats. As part of their new project The D.O.T., Mike was in the studio with Rob Harvey, formerly of The Music, and after reaching out to Elro a studio session was swiftly booked in. It soon became clear that “Bad News” was a track finally worthy of The Beats seal of approval, and the label was re-born.



Sleep Party People – We Were Drifting On A Sad Song

LABEL: Blood and Biscuits


GENRE: Alternative – Indie Pop

DATE: 09/04/12

Sleep Party People is the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination. Taking as inspiration the work of Boards Of Canada, David Lynch and Erik Satie, and some classic movie soundtracks, Batz found the sound of the old battered piano in his apartment, coupled with a freaky electronic alteration of his recorded voice, created an eerie, hypnotic sound. With his other worldly signature sound in place, this one-man home recording project started to take shape, the collection of weird and haunting melodies he created forming the basis for Sleep Party People’s self-titled debut album.

Eighteen months following this and having been offered a slot by Trentemøller on his sold out tour, playing at Roskilde, By:larm and Eurosonic festivals as well as their own extensive European tour, Sleep Party People are ready to unleash their second album. “We Were Drifting On A Sad Song” takes the music further into the mysterious but rejuvenating sound of strange voices, angelic melodies and powerful soundscapes.

“The lyrics are more uplifting and positive. It’s about enjoying life and turning every position you’re put into, into something positive. I know it’s a cliche, but that’s an important message to get out instead of always being so god damn melancholic and sad, which I sometimes struggle with” – Batz

The first taste from the album, A Dark God Heart, comes accompanied by an evocative video capturing the unsettling mood Sleep Party People so effortlessly create. UK audiences will get their first opportunity to see the band live in March – London dates are 17th April at Madame JoJos and 19th April at The Buffalo Bar.





Various Artists – Black Butter Remixed, Vol. 1

LABEL: Black Butter Records


GENRE: Dance – Dubstep

DATE: 09/04/12

Check out “Black Butter Remixed, Vol.1”, a compilation of remixed Black Butter Records classics mixed together by heavyweight Black Butter regular RackNRuin. This release features the Funtcase remix of “Ho! Riddim”, and Skism’s remix of “Dazed & Confused”, among others.

Having recently been crowned as Radio One’s “Label Of Love”, this is an opportunity to experience first-hand the melting pot of future sounds that have bought so much well deserved attention to Black Butter Records in recent months.  They have received huge radio support from Zane Lowe and Annie Mac through to Skream and Redlight.

Established in 2010; Black Butter Records have firmly cemented their reputation as a leading lights within the UK’s bubbling bass music scene. Forward thinking and diverse in their musical approach, they are pushing a sound that is both distinctly recognisable and yet ultimately un-pigeon-hole-able.

“One thing’s for sure, since the arrival of this label they’ve collected strong release after strong release and this has to be pointed out, remember the name Black Butter, because if you haven’t already heard of it, as an eager music-listener it will get to you sooner than you know it. Black Butter, definitely one of the top 3 record labels of 2011….. Absolutely brilliant” – Laurent Garnier



(2 extra tracks on iTunes and Juno)


Simultaneously, Black Butter have released a mixtape album of their releases mixed by another Black Butter regular, Woz. “Black Butter MixTape, Vol. 1” features Hostage, Woz and Noisses among others – check it out here:


(2 extra tracks on iTunes and Juno)



Kwamz – Watch Me

LABEL: Bbrat

FORMAT: Single

GENRE: Hip Hop

DATE: 09/04/12

“Watch Me” is the new single from 17 year old rapper Kwamz, who is blowing up fast on the Hip Hop and live touring UK scene.

Kwamz started his musical journey in May 2011 when his first video/track “Drifting Away” was playlisted on Channel AKA, reaching the top ten in its charts. It now boasts over 100,000 plays. He then released his first EP “Best Of Me” in December 2011 with two videos, which have clocked up near 30,000 views in a few months.

Watch out for collaborations with Krept and Konan, which will be coming soon, as well as three new videos and mix tapes coming out on the Rap City channel in the next three weeks.






Super700 – Under the No Sky

LABEL: RAR marketed by Motor Music


GENRE: Pop – Alternative

DATE: 09/04/12

“Under the No Sky”, the third album by Berlin pop-rock band Super700 is out now through Motor Records. This album follows an EP, two albums and tours across the world.

The band have gained experience with producer Gordon Raphael (Strokes, Regina Spektor), and Rob Kirwan (U2, PJ Harvey) with the last couple of albums and have now, for the first time, ventured to produce, record and mix this release all by themselves. Quieter, more thoughtful and more mature, the music draws strength from simplicity without producing the pseudo-authenticity of decay.

Check it out here:



(2 bonus tracks on iTunes)