Black Books - Black Books 1440px 300dpiArtist: Black Books
Release: Black Books
Label: Believe Recordings
Genre: Alternative

Black Books deliver their self-titled debut album via Believe Recordings. They began creating their heady, atmospheric mix of dreamy, visionary pop and epic southern rock in their hometown of Austin, Texas back in 2010. On their debut, Black Books create an evoking and enveloping wall of emotion that seems as intimate as it is epic, with sprawling, mesmerising psychedelia and sun-soaked melodies blended into something driven and tightly charged with Ross Gilfillan’s warm throaty drawl of a vocal. Recorded in the Texas drought of 2011,  their debut is the child of a stifling, claustrophobic heat.

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Grum - EverytimeArtist: Grum
Release: Everytime
Label: Heartbeats
Genre: Dance – House – Deep

Three years on from his debut album, Grum is back with a new single, ‘Everytime’ – the first track from his forthcoming new album, ‘Human Touch’. Receiving its debut play on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, ‘Everytime’ comes with remixes from Ejeca, Mia Dora and Andre Crom. A perfect piece of bittersweet house music, Everytime expertly straddles the line between euphoria and melancholy. Wreathed in luminous synth washes, punctuated by bright stabs of melody and underpinned by a bass line Orbital would have been proud of in their heyday, Everytime marks a triumphant return for Grum.





Great Ytene - UnknowingArtist: Great Ytene
Release: Unknowing
Label: Marshall Teller Records
Genre: Alternative – Indie Rock / Alternative Rock

The mysterious London four-piece freshly signed to Marshall Teller (Vaccines, History of Apple Pie), Great Ytene, release their dreamy debut track. Smashing into your ears with its mammoth wall of sound opening, the debut single from Great Ytene is a charmingly messy concoction of measured swirling guitars, endearingly floaty vocals and controlled noise.  Release on Marshall Teller, ‘Unknowing’ is the first track to surface from the London quartet – who feature members of the Marshall Teller released Colours.

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Dirty Dike - Return Of The TwatArtist: Dirty Dike
Release: Return of the Twat
Label: High Focus Records
Genre: Hip Hop – Alternative

Contact Play treasurer and SMB chief executive Dirty Dike returns with his third solo Long player on High Focus Records this month. ‘Return Of The Twat’ is as hotly anticipated as any UK hip hop release has been in a very long time and while it is set to propel Dike further skyward in his assail to the very top of the rap tree, it also promises to divide opinion each and every step along the way. The album sees Dirty Dike at his very wickedest – if you thought he couldn’t get more brash and offensive, think again.

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