Wax Tailor –  Heart Stop

LABEL: Lab’oratoire


GENRE: Dance – House – Electro

DATE: 18/06/12

“Heart Stop”, the new EP by Wax Tailor is out today through Lab’oratoire.

After being a host on a French radio in the Paris suburb of Mantes-La-Jolie, JC Le Saoût started the French Rap band La Formule in the 1990’s. He created his label Lab’oratoire in 1998 and produced records from La Formule as well as Break Beat compilations and a collaboration with the Swedish bandLooptroop. He began work on the Wax Tailor project in 2001, first appearing on a remix of Looptroop & La Formule’s “Breathing Under Water”.

Wax Tailor’s first EP Lost The Way was released in 2004 and features contributions from Charlotte Savary, Marina Quaisse, and Big Dada rapper Infinite Livez. Other musicians who have appeared alongside Wax Tailor include North Carolina Hip-Hop duo The Others, Ursula Rucker, Sharon Jones, Voice and A State Of Mind.

His second album Hope & Sorrow was nominated for “Best Electronic Album” at the 2008 Victoires de la Musique, a French music award ceremony.

Wax Tailor uses samples in his music as film directors use actors. His record is conceived as an orchestral movie between hip-hop and downtempo where Wax Tailor hijacks “The forgotten melodies” and tells a story of his own where each track is a sequence. In this large patchwork of numerous influences and multiple references to the seventh art, major names of the twentieth century music (Doris Day, Nina Simone…) could get a chance to meet Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen or Alfred Hitchcock.


Arnaldo Antunes, Edgard Scandurra, Toumani Diabaté – A Curva da Cintura

LABEL: Mais Um Discos


GENRE: World – South America – Brazil

DATE: 18/06/12

Following a showstopping collaboration at the 2010 edition of the Brazilian festival Back2Black, Toumani Diabaté invited Brazilian songwriter, poet and artist Arnaldo Antunes and guitar-hero Edgard Scandurra to Mali to record with him.

The resulting album “A Curva Da Cintura” is out today on London based Brazilian imprint Mais Um Discos. This captivating collaboration between two of Sao-Paulo’s most eminent musicians and Grammy-winning kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté is released ahead of a European tour, beginning with the trio performing at the London Back2Black Festival at the Old Billingsgate Market on 1 July.

Also featured are Afrocubism band member Fode Lassana Diabaté on balafon, and Zoumana Tereta who adds his guttural soku fiddle playing and vocals to “Ir, Mao” to show that there’s as much reason to believe the blues came from the Niger Delta as Mississippi.


(iTunes version has a bonus track)


Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) –  Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) EP

LABEL: Old Money Records


GENRE: Rock – Folk

DATE: 11/06/12

Harry Oakwood (Millionaire)’s self-titled EP is out today through Old Money Records.

“If you have a chance to see Harry Oakwood play, take it. That is my directive for the day.” – Tim Minchin

Not much is known about the “Millionaire”, Harry Oakwood, apart from that he had a dream of building a band. A band of brothers who would serve him and act under his name. Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) are that band.

Having just recorded their first E.P, the boys recently performed at LSO St Luke’s with one of Britain’s hottest new orchestras, The Aurora Orchestra, a show that was broadcast live on Radio 3. Requests are coming in from a host of radio shows, BBC Radio Merseyside legend Billy Butler and BBC London/Amazing Radios Gary Crowley to name but two DJ’s who have jumped on board the Good Ship Oakwood.

Not much is known about Harry. When probed on the subject the band reply in unison, “We are not at liberty to say”. “Just wait till you see his dog though!” adds the one holding a drumstick in his hand. They are more forthcoming about their influences though, citing The Band (first & foremost) along with Patrick Watson, Lowell George and Elliot Smith as inspiration.

Check out their EP here:



Tricksta – Out of Darkness Cometh Light

LABEL: RGS Entertainment


GENRE: Hip Hop

DATE: 18/06/12


“Out Of Darkness Cometh Light” is the debut artist album from UK based Hip-Hop producer Tricksta, who is best known for producing albums by Villains, Vicious Circle, Wolftown Committee, LATE and Manny Moscow for his own label Wolftown Recordings, as well as being the man behind UK Hip-Hop mixtape series UK Runnings, the on-line publication Rago Magazine and the hugely popular promotions company Park Street PR. Tricksta has been actively involved in the music industry since 1991 when he started off working in a record shop and DJ’ing on local radio.

After producing and releasing music since 1996, Tricksta now decides to unleash a producer album, where he has got a bunch of well respected artists from the UK together for a project that is full of exclusive collaborations. Tricksta’s idea of mixing up artists from all over the UK works well on his unique ‘sample free’ style Hip-Hop. This new album consists of sixteen tracks, featuring over forty different emcees from all parts of the UK. If you like UK Hip-Hop then this is an album that you need –  this isn’t just an album, this is UK Hip-Hop history… simple!


Various Artists – Dubstep Attack

LABEL: Believe


GENRE: Dance – Dubstep

DATE: 30/05/12

“Dubstep Attack”, a compilation featuring a selection of the best Dubstep/Bass Music producers around Italy is out now through Believe.

This release features 30 unmissable tracks from the likes of EiSkrim, T4r5i3r, Percy Dread, Rubiani and more.

Check it out here:






Faraji – Come Again

LABEL:  Groove Galore Productions

FORMAT: Single

GENRE: Reggae – Roots

DATE: 30/05/12

“Come Again”, the new single by Faraji is out now through Groove Galore Productions.

With an amazingly fresh and crisp voice, and an unexpected fusion of reggae, soul and a hint of jazz, Faraji brings a unique new sound to the market. His unforgettable vocal range and his passionately delivered ballads often leave his audience mesmerized at the talent from this handsome yet humble artist. Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Faraji’s style is very eclectic, heavily influenced by the combination of an alternative British sound and American R&B. Taking advantage of every opportunity to perform in Jamaica and abroad Faraji has headlined various events internationally; one of which was the 2006 Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica.

One of the highlights of Faraji’s career was when he was awarded the “Best Male Vocalist” at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA/ WorldStars) Festival in Burbank California, competing against representatives from over 42 countries. His first official single and corresponding video release was a Lovers-Rock,Reggae-Soul”cover of George Michaels “Careless Whisper” in which he collaborated with Paul KasticK (GrooveGalore MuziK), founder of NativeXamaycan MuziK/GrooveGalore Productions.

The name Faraji means “to console” and he has a natural gift for writing powerful memorable ballads that reflect on the ebbs and flows of life and love, and pull at the heart-strings of everyone who hears his lyrics (especially his female audience). His original work began with a very prophetic song called Come Again. Other works include Don’t Falter, Rastafari Chanting and a collaboration with reggae artist Sizzla and Fame (Rapper), titled “Don’t Let Go”. More recently, FARAJI was engaged to write and co-produce the title track for a new movie project – a psychological thriller called “The Book”…


Riz MC – MICroscope

LABEL: Tru Thoughts


GENRE: Hip Hop – Alternativ

DATE: 18/06/12

Riz MC’s debut album, “MICroscope”, is out today through Tru Thoughts!

Actor and Musician Riz Ahmed is noted for his lead performances in The Road to Guantanamo, Shifty, Britz, and Four Lions and most recently his role in Ill Manors, the Plan B movie, with his music also featured on the film’s OST.

Riz signed to Tru Thoughts late last year and is now re-releasing his album MICroscope with some fresh remixes added in for your hearing pleasure. Risks, intensity, and intelligence are just three keywords being used to describe the stunning debut from the actor/musician.

His impromptu ‘block party’ style gig outside The Wagon & Horses pub during The Great Escape this year attracted a 500 strong audience within 15 minutes. With his socially aware lyrics, and the ability to poke fun at human foibles [including those in himself] his performances are beguiling and intelligent.

Riz MC’s debut album, “MICroscope”, is out today through Tru Thoughts!