Artist: Diamond Version
Release: EP1
Label: Mute
Genre: Alternative – Electronic

Diamond Version is a collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and forward thinking creators in modern music, Byetone and Alva Noto. As joint heads of the German-based label Raster-Noton, and with solo projects Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and Byetone (Olaf Bender), they have been releasing work that spectacularly blurs the lines between the visceral and the conceptual, bridging the gap between gallery and dancefloor.

The duo have known one another since they were teenagers growing up in Germany. A common ground proved intuitively easy to tap into. ‘Carsten and I share a strong interest in rhythmic music. We also share an idea of general aesthetic, as in design, and prefer even in music, more and more roughness. With Diamond Version we will follow this rough rhythmic direction, we are not DJs and we’re less interested in delivering a functional music to a social situation’.


Artist: Blue Boats
Release: Summer’s Down
Label: Brapscallions Records
Genre: Alternative

Olly Gale aka Blue Boats releases his hotly anticipated debut single ‘Summer’s Down’. Led by a sun drenched vocal washed with reverb, the track mixes 80s synth pop with 00s surf pop’ and is sure to leave listeners craving the nostalgic feeling of road trips, BBQs and a never-ending summer. With his music being labelled everything from surf pop to dream pop, it takes strong influences from the past but comes out with something exciting and modern.

Currently doing a film degree at University in Bournemouth, Olly somehow manages to take some of his film knowledge and translate cinematic images into his music. Being located by the seaside hasn’t been too rewarding this summer, but has meant Blue Boats’ sound has a beach-tinge to it, although it sounds more like he’s based in Southern California rather than the South Coast of England.

Artist: Tunji Oyelana
Release: A Nigerian Retrospective 1966 – 79
Label: Soundway Records
Genre: World – African

Soundway Records return to Nigeria once more issuing ‘Tunji Oyelana: A Nigerian Retrospective 1966 – 79′. A lovingly compiled anthology of one of Nigeria’s most revered sons.

During the golden age of Nigerian music in the 1970s, as thousands of records were produced in a wide spectrum of styles and marketed to an immense audience of ardent consumers, very few people, including the producers of the music themselves, seriously entertained the possibility that any of these popular entertainments could be considered as Art.

Enter the multifaceted artist Tunji Oyelana. Equal parts singer-songwriter, actor, bandleader, dramatist, comedian and academic, Oyelana elevated the realm of pop music by infusing it with the poetic storytelling of Yoruba folklore. Backed by his crack backing group ‘The Benders’, Oyelana blended the fashionable sounds of highlife, afrobeat, afrorock, funk, calypso, juju and reggae and transformed them into something timeless and utterly unique.


Artist: Luca C & Brigante
Release: Flash of Light
Label: Southern Fried Records
Genre: Dance – House

Filtering through apocalyptic sunbeams, the iconic voice of Róisín Murphy shimmers above
Luca C & Brigante’s spacey vibrations in ‘Flash of Light’ – the next spark of brilliance from the ever more ubiquitous duo.

“When a friend of mine introduced me to the music of Luca C & Brigante I was stuck with an apocalyptic feeling, as if I were listening to the sound of a party at the end of the world. And with such strong imagery coming to mind I was only too happy to write with them when they asked. ‘Flash of Light’ is about that last night on earth, a forewarning of the end of an era and a last chance to Love”
– Róisín Murphy