Los Miticos Del Ritmo – Los Miticos Del Ritmo

LABEL: Soundway Records


GENRE: World – South America

DATE: 23/04/12

From the sweltering tropical depths of Cali, Colombia Will ‘Quantic’ Holland’s studio band Los Miticos Del Ritmo (The Mythics of Rhythm), assembled using vallenato and cumbia musicians, return with an album of hip shaking, dancefloor quaking instrumental cumbias.

Recorded in Will’s home studio in Cali, his approach was to produce an album with the aesthetics of 1960s tropical recordings made in Colombia and the Caribbean. Careful attention made to preserve the analogue quality of the recording at every stage.

The record was recorded entirely on 4 track tape, using a process of overdubs and tape transfers to record multiple sessions at different times with different musicians. As Holland began to play the dub plates of the project in his DJ sets around the world, tracks like ‘Cumbia de Mochilla’ and ‘Another one Bites the Dust’ slowly became sure-fire dancefloor winners. Other tracks on this feel good, house party cumbia LP include Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop’ and Gildardo Montoya’s ‘Fabiola’ (as featured on Soundway’s ‘The Original Sound of Cumbia’), alongside original cumbias.



Don Preston – Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-75

LABEL: Sub Rosa


GENRE: Alternative – Electronic / EBM

DATE: 30/04/12

“Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-75” is an album of previously unreleased electronic music from Don Preston, the original The Mothers Of Invention keyboardist.

One could hardly not see in Don Preston a key musician within Frank Zappa’s oeuvre. He is not only that, but his presence has marked The Mothers’ major records from 1966 to 1974. His touch was already there before the arrival of Ian Underwood, and it continued after Ian left.

Immersed in jazz music, he was imagining secret ties with the nascent electronic music. In the mid-’60s, Preston started developing an electronic instrument, using a home-made synthesizer and a series of oscillators and filters. Out of this instrument came Electronic (1967), his first piece. Two years later, he became a close friend of Robert Moog, and their discussions gave birth to a number of applications in relation with the flexibility of the instrument. Nowadays, you can’t mention the Mini-Moog without thinking of Preston. Bob Moog himself said about his solo in Waka Jawaka: “That’s impossible. You can’t do that on a Moog.” “Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes” features the other side, the hidden side of Don Preston: the composer of purely electronic music.




Make The Girl Dance – Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki

LABEL: Roy Music


GENRE: Dance – Electro

DATE: 24/04/12

“Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki” is the fifth single from Make The Girl Dance, out today through Roy Music.

After the electro-fuelled tracks “Baby Baby Baby”, “Kill Me” and “Broken Toy Boy”, “Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki” is a more guitar-based output from the French electro duo and very different from the precedent EP – a track born to a desire of rockabilly. The track features Little Barrie, a power trio hailing from Nottingham.

Ill Vibes (US Blog): “Simply crazy but what did you expect from the guys who gave you probably one of the best video. You can deny how dope is their sound is.

Atari Cool Kids (US Blog) : “Parisian electro act, Make The Girl Dance, known for their smashing first single “Baby Baby Baby” has launched a fresh and catchy second single “Kill Me”, that is guaranteed to make the body rock.




Raghu Dixit – Raghu Dixit: Unplugged

LABEL: Bd Pugh


GENRE: World – India

DATE: 19/03/12

Recorded last summer with his band The Raghu Dixit Project in a stunning medieval church in Walmgate, York, this album is an intimate, largely acoustic affair in which Raghu permeates his extraordinary vocal prowess with intricate guitar work.

The release includes “No Man Will Ever Love You Like I Do”, the song that transformed his career when he performed it live on Later… With Jools Holland back in 2009 to an audience including fellow-guests Adele, Robert Plant and Arcade Fire, who all showed their appreciation. Following transmission Raghu topped the iTunes’ World Music chart in Britain and he’s now India’s highest-selling non-Bollywood domestic artist. Raghu sings with pure unbridled elation, his music and vocals powerfully uplifting and a real awakener to the senses.

2012 is shaping up to be another remarkable chapter in the Raghu Dixit story. Completely unknown in the UK when his first album was released here in 2010, he’s now set to perform for, and meet, The Queen! Raghu will perform crowd favourite Mysore Se Ayi on ‘All The Queens Horses: A Diamond Jubilee Special’ at Windsor Castle on 13 May with the concert being aired on ITV in early June, also starring Joss Stone, Il Divo and Susan Boyle.





Fliptrix – Third Eye of the Storm

LABEL: High Focus Records


GENRE: Hip Hop – Alternative

DATE: 23/04/12

Fliptrix returns with the third installment of his solo opus, “Third Eye Of The Storm”, released through his own label High Focus Records.

The album, which has been two years in the making, depicts Fliptrix’s journey from where he used to position himself to where he finds himself today – from the confines that define our existence, to places unseen. Inspiration for his tracks are from a wide variety of sources, ranging from the demise of the planet to prophecies and predictions rooted in ancient civilisations.

While the project may be conceptually far more ambitious than any of Fliptrix’s previous work, there is no mistaking the trademark lyricism that he is renowned for.

Featuring an all-star cast of UK’s finest lyricists such as Jehst, Farma G, Verb T, Buggsy, Ramson Badbonez and High Focus Record’s label-mate Jam Baxter, and stellar production from Chemo, 184, Jon Phonics, Medison, Naive, Runone,  Kerem Fraiche, Kontigo and High Focus label-mate Leaf Dog to name a few, this album is definitely one to watch out for.




Various Artists – Calabash Selection, Vol. 1

LABEL: Maximum Sound


GENRE: Reggae – Roots

DATE: 30/04/12

Calabash Selection Vol. 1 regroups Maximum Sound tracks remixed by Russ Disciples of Jah Shaka Sound System and Douguie Conscious, the two leading producers in the New Roots Steppers UK scene today. This release features 11 Roots and Culture tracks for the Reggae fans out there.

Artists remixed on this album include Sizzla, Luciano, Yami Bolo, I Octane and Lutan Fyah – all leaders of the modern Jamaican roots and culture scene today, as well as veteran singer and Massive Attack vocalist Horace Andy.

Check out the compilation here:







Wabotaï – Circle Songs

LABEL: Buda Musique


GENRE: World – African

DATE: 23/04/12

“Circle Songs” is the new album by Wabotaï, out now through Buda Musique.

Intertwining rhythms, overlapping and responding voices, swaying bodies represent the characteristic features of these circular songs inspired by the Pygmies and Mongos of Northern Congo. There is a vital, repetitive impulse, a source of trance that transcends the rich harmony and polyphony, and a polyrhythmic sophistication that gives these songs (sung in Lingala, English and Japanese!) their unique nature.

Jean-Paul Wabotai is also a very talented painter, whose works are exhibited at the venues where he performs in concert. The CD booklet presents some of his paintings, which are the visual reflection of the underlying humanist dimension in his work, whether musical or pictorial.