Artist: Various Artists
Release: Don’t Break My Love
Label: Clown and Sunset
Release Date: November 2012

Picked by:
Victor Conradsson | Senior Sales Manager

“It seems that house, after dubstep, is now inspiring the freshest new sounds – Jaar surely led the way with his first EPs two years ago. By drastically slowing down the tempo à la XX or J.Blake, by daring to use silence to create space, he embellishes everything he touches (check out his remixes of Nina Simone, James Blake, Missy Elliott, Ellen Allien).

It has to be heard by everyone, and can be liked by anyone (present for Granny?!). Coming in a special ‘Virtual Edition’ his latest release shows his modesty as he takes a step back into production duties for the first half of the compilation. The best tracks are by the end though, from Avalanche onwards: pure bliss you can lie down or dance to. La classe incarnée.” – Victor Conradsson

Originally released on the Prism in March 2012 – a physical cubed shaped player that housed the collection – Clown & Sunset now present their ‘virtual version’ of the release, a collection of lost memories from Nicolas Jarr’s label. Featuring tracks from Acid Pauli, Will Epstein, Just Friends and Nicolas Jarr himself, the compilation is a beautiful insight into the label and the delicate and stunning sounds it consistently delivers.



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