Artist: Various Artists
Release: Seven Music the First Chapter
Label: Seven Music
Release Date:  January 2012

Picked by:
Panos Polimatidis | Client Relations

“Deep house vibes for both dance-floor and bedroom listening from a blend of upcoming and established artists. This compilation truly shows what Seven Music is all about; quality music free from constraints and trends. Keep an eye on them, more joy to come!” – Panos Polimatidis

Back in 2011, Ric McClelland & Sean Grieve launched Seven Music as an outlet for their own material. Since then, the label has grown dramatically. Not only have they released their own material as Scope, South West Seven and Sydney Young, but the label has become a home for a wealth of new talent such as Sumsuch, Chilf, Stephen Day, Replika and Giorgione Luceri.

Key players in the scene such as Audio Soul Project, Huxley, Russ Gabriel and Ethyl have also joined the Seven Music camp and helped the label continuously build. The label has accomplished a lot in a short space of time and this collection of tracks handpicked from the initial 10 releases showcases the consistence in quality from Seven Music.




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