Artist: Harry Oakwood (Millionaire)
Release: Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) EP
Label: Old Money Records
Release Date: June 2012

Picked by:
Gideon Mountford | Head of Video UK

“If you’re into Creedence, The Band, Stones et al then Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) are going to be right up your street. With not a helicopter or shortbread in site, Harry Oakwood deliver track after track of classic sounding Rock N Roll. Could have been big in the 70’s,  Harry Oakwood are looking to breakthrough into the mainstream in 2013, which their music so deserves. Get on it!” – Gideon Mountford

Having recorded their first E.P earlier this year, the boys performed at LSO St Luke’s with one of Britain’s hottest new orchestras, The Aurora Orchestra, a show that was broadcast live on Radio 3. Requests came in from a host of radio shows; BBC Radio Merseyside legend Billy Butler and BBC London/Amazing Radios Gary Crowley to name but two DJ’s who have jumped on board the Good Ship Oakwood.

Not much is known about Harry himself. When probed on the subject the band reply in unison, “We are not at liberty to say”. They are more forthcoming about their influences though, citing The Band (first & foremost) along with Patrick Watson, Lowell George and Elliott Smith as inspiration.



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