Artist: Madrid
Release: Madrid
Label: Coletiva Produtora
Release Date: September 2012

Picked by:
Dave Philpot | Head of Sync

“Madrid, formed of ex CSS and Bonde Do Role member, produced a album which is unique, taking you on a journey from playful to cinematic to melancholy and that’s just in one track, the art of the album is lost in mainstream music so we should cherish the ones that come along” – Dave Philpot

Madrid formed when London based singer Marina Vello (former MC of Bonde Do Role) flew to Sao Paolo to write songs with former CSS founder and multi-instrumentalist Adriano Cintra in 2011. After a successful collaboration writing two songs in a week they decided to write an entire album together. Marina travelled back to Sao Paolo in February 2012 for 2 months during which time they wrote and produced ‘Madrid’ the album and started Madrid the band.

Departing from the Brazilian Baile funk sounds that they had forged their musical careers with, Madrid instead adopts a more cinematic, mature sound allowing Cintra to show his classically trained skills on piano. Along with Marina’s melancholic vocals, they create a much more emotive and low-key sound.



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