Artist: Tall Ships
Release: Everything Touching
Label: Big Scary Monsters / Blood And Biscuits
Release Date: August 2012

Picked by:
Alison Lamb| Trade Marketing Manager

Reminiscent of early Biffy, Tall Ships are definitely a shining light for British indie. With a dream like feel, each track on the album is sonically interesting, which allows for the few soaring instrumental tracks to be just as important as the single ‘Gallop’ with its big sing-along chorus.” – Alison Lamb

Tall Ships, originally from Falmouth but now living in Brighton, have been garnering attention across the blogosphere, printed press and radio with their complex, layered and beautiful soundscapes and intelligent songwriting to create music that still manages to have the potential for mass appeal. Elements of math rock and angular pop have drawn inevitable comparisons to the likes of Battles and Minus The Bear but the band also cite the likes of Sigur Rós and Biffy Clyro as musical influences.

Live, Tall Ships are a must see band, mesmerizing to watch, with such energy and deftness you can’t help but be amazed by them. They are fast gaining a well-deserved reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting live bands in the UK right now. They tour relentlessly and have honed the show into a thrilling experience, both aurally and visually as layers of sound and vocals are cleverly and deftly assembled to startling effect.



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