With its many tools and simple layout, BelieveBand works particularly well as a window display for labels (audio access to the entire catalogue, the chance to insert news, biographies, important dates, videos…), enabling them to target their fan bases and promote effectively amongst all professionals of the industry.

Ygal Versatile Records
You already have access to Believe Backstage for the distribution of your catalogue, to Believe Metric for following the progress of your online sales and analysing your royalties, and to Believe Connect for sending newsletters to your fans.
You can now complete this broad range of tools with Believe Band. Proven already extremely popular with many artists, BelieveBand is the latest tool for managing your digital marketing for your artists and label.
Here are some examples:
  • Artist Profile :
  • Label Profile :
Thanks to BelieveBand :
  • Make all your content available (videos, photos, concerts, news) on a web page which is clear and very simple to make. No knowledge of HTML/CSS is needed!
  • Select a web address of your choice. E.g.  Monomartiste.BelieveBand.com
  • Promote contact and interaction with your fans on a long term basis. Offer a free track in exchange for an email address: This is a unique and customisable system which avoids the expense of external service providers.
  • Maximise your sales with the integration of commercial links directing buyers straight to your album in all the main digital stores, and towards our exclusive partner, Digitik, for concert ticket sales.
  • Use these Web pages with your business partners. Create a private login and password for bloggers and journalists who will gain access to exclusive information and they will in turn be able to leave their useful comments and suggestions.
  • Analyse your statistics in order to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.
  • No adverts! These pages belong to you and are uniquely for your promotional benefits