lost midas

Artist: Lost Midas
Release: Off the Course
Label: Tru Thoughts
Release date: July 28th, 2014
Picked by: Victor Conradsson – International Training and Key UK Account Manager

“This year I’m torn between a summer & a winter album… although both came out in June/July 2014 ! So I will nominate the one with the most acute sense of release timing 🙂 – Lost Midas having revealed over the first part of the year the various tracks which cast a replenishing halo on the early summer days, along the course of one of the best release strategy I had the pleasure to work on. Tru-Thoughts had found the producer in L.A., gravitating in the Brainfeeder circles, and dully signed his magnificent chill-pop-wave-whatever productions, which went to form a cohesive and exhilarating whole on his first album Off The Course. The world needs to pay attention because Jason Trixaglis can bring much beauty to the party, as he trails forward in the footsteps of people like Royksopp, Chrome Sparks or Flume. And I highly recommend you have a listen to that recent rework of Off the Course by Seshen.” – Victor

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