Sales Ahoy! More Lessons from the Pirate Sphere

February 22, 2011News, Uncategorized

iTunes sales are down. Juno sales are down. Music sales are down as a whole. Instead of playing the blame game with pirates, this post looks at voids in distribution and promotion strategies, that are more often than not, filled by pirate activity.

Sales Ahoy! Piracy Inspired Lessons for Labels

February 18, 2011News, Uncategorized

Quite recently, a collective of online pirates issued a manifesto that outlines what copyright holders need to do in order to stop piracy. Some reasonable conditions appeared on the manifesto… Reasonable or not, should copyrights holders negotiate with pirates? Digital pirates potentially wear two hats, that of customer and competitor, this means that they should be carefully observed.

New music start-up enables users to create personal music sharing platforms

February 5, 2011Digital Marketing and Social Media, Store updates, Uncategorized

Omp3 has created a site that allows anyone to start an online music sharing service or store. Powered by Grooveshark, Omp3 allows users to monetize the software by setting up advertising and affiliate tie-ins. Omp3  believes that their service will help combat piracy by allowing a high number of websites to create their own music … Read More

Optimising the BelieveConnect Email Grabber

February 3, 2011Believe Tools, Uncategorized

We’ve spotted good use of our Email Grabber and decided to share it with you. Seen below, Debonton has designed a white label Email Grabber, which fits perfectly to their website, offering a free download in exchange for email addresses. Additionally, they have communicated with Facebook, blogs, and all their networks to announce this operation. … Read More

New Features to Improve Your Connections From Believe

February 1, 2011Believe Tools, Uncategorized

We’ve been making changes to the BelieveBackstage to help you optimise your connections. First, we’ve tweaked the contact exporter, giving you the ability to export contacts in two different ways: As an entire database. Filtered by pre-selected categories. Exported contacts will be added to an Excel file which contains all the information that corresponds to … Read More