How to: Add the Believe Player to Facebook

August 19, 2011Believe Tools, Uncategorized

Facebook adds new updates to its service, almost as often as you make updates to your status, so it’s pretty hard to stay 100% in the loop. Case in point: apps. The way you add and interact with apps, has changed so we’ve made this nifty little tutorial to help you insert your Believe Player on your Facebook page.

Feeding the Fan Machine

August 18, 2011Digital Marketing and Social Media, Uncategorized

Part 2: Identifying Valuable Video Content   Putting up good video content will win you fans and keep your current ones engaged. Putting up bad footage that is dull or shows the artist in an unfavourable light can do considerable damage.   In their last guest blog, Decibel Pictures focused on the importance of creating … Read More

Feeding the Fan Machine

August 16, 2011Digital Marketing and Social Media, Uncategorized

Part 1: Why video content and YouTube are important     If you haven’t already clocked on to the fact the YouTube is one of your main routes of communicating with your fans, then you’re in trouble!   This month on Blogbelieve it’s all about video: first we introduced our YouTube service, then we provided … Read More

New Signings Announcement

August 2, 2011Believe News, Uncategorized

We’re pleased to announce the following two new signings: AIR Records One of the most established labels in Eastern Africa, AIR, used to act as the Majors’ interface in that region for years. Established in 1957, their market knowledge of the African music rights landscape is second to none. AIR collect and protect music from … Read More


August 1, 2011News, Uncategorized

After a fair bit of encouragement [read heckling] from some pals, I booked Friday off and headed down to Global Gathering in Stratford-on-Avon last weekend… As far as ideas go, it was aces and squares! Global kicked ass for many reasons: 1. Good music 2. Camping is fun 3. Costumes 4. The atmosphere was awesome … Read More