Live Stream Best Pratices (2/2)

June 30, 2017Video Best Practices

After our article offering you a checklist of things to do before, during and after a live stream – here are our 5 tips to be sure to successfully complete your live stream.   Test again and again and again The problem with live is that the direct does not forgive anything. So do not … Read More

[VIDEO] Expand your international audience

April 19, 2017Video Best Practices

Even if your video content isn’t in your native language it might interest an international audience. But can you tailor the content towards them and customize it so it feels at home in their language as well as your own? Luckily for us, Youtube have implemented some handy tools to help you reach those fans. … Read More

[VIDEO] Charts, Trending, Insights…

February 9, 2017Video Best Practices

How to track and find what is hot and trendy on YouTube ? With Youtube containing millions of videos it can be challenging to work out where you content sits in comparison to others. It can be useful to see what works for others and apply the practice to your own content. It is plain common sense to … Read More