Notice: Believe Facebook Player Temporarily Unavailable

You may have noticed that the Believe player is currently not working on your Facebook page. This is due to technical issues which have arisen in light of Facebook’s recent changes. Some common issues being reported are: You are unable to make changes to already installed Facebook players. The sharing functionality of the Facebook player … Read More

Build your Fan-Base using the Believe Backstage

In this age of niche markets, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, and Facebook Fan pages communicating with a fan-base is now more direct and arguably, easier than before. This does not mean, however, that fans just appear from nowhere and you should think carefully about which tools you’ll be using for fan-base curation, as well as … Read More

How to: Add the Believe Player to Facebook

Facebook adds new updates to its service, almost as often as you make updates to your status, so it’s pretty hard to stay 100% in the loop. Case in point: apps. The way you add and interact with apps, has changed so we’ve made this nifty little tutorial to help you insert your Believe Player on your Facebook page.

Make the most of YouTube with Believe

In February, we announced that we’d inked a deal with YouTube to improve our label’s online experience, since then we’ve rolled out a new service to our labels and it’s high time we explained it to everyone. Guide to Believe’s YouTube Services Comprised of four levels of service, Believe’s YouTube service, helps labels by creating … Read More

Improvements to BelieveConnect newsletter tool

Those of you already using our BelieveConnect newsletter tool already know that it’s got multiple uses, such as: ? Importing contacts and contact databases ? Classifying, storing and creating categories to manage contacts database ? Gathering contacts’ demographic information ? Sending 100,000 free newsletters to contacts every month ? Newsletter templates or customisable newsletters We’re … Read More

Temporary System Shut Down

Please note that Believe Digital will be temporarily shutting down all our services between 10 pm today, 14 March 2011 and 8 am tomorrow, 15 March 2011. Please note that this means that none of our services, including BelieveBackstage, Believe Player, Believe Band etc will be available at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience … Read More