TAD – New App for Making Professional Sleeve Artwork for Digital Releases

TAD is a brand new App for iOS that helps every DIY or Indie musician (or harassed label manager!) create high quality professional digital artwork in minutes. The app is currently free to download and is like having an experienced designer help you put together cover art as you’re led through the process. You start from scratch … Read More

Winners Of The First Ever Artist and Manager Music Awards Announced

The Featured Artist’s Coalition and Music Manager’s Forum launched a new awards ceremony, the Artist and Manager Awards, exclusively to celebrate UK artist and artist management success in music over the past 12 months. The newly launched awards ceremony, the A&Ms, was a sell-out success, which took place in Camden on 13 September, 2011. Nick … Read More


After a fair bit of encouragement [read heckling] from some pals, I booked Friday off and headed down to Global Gathering in Stratford-on-Avon last weekend… As far as ideas go, it was aces and squares! Global kicked ass for many reasons: 1. Good music 2. Camping is fun 3. Costumes 4. The atmosphere was awesome … Read More

Sales Ahoy! More Lessons from the Pirate Sphere

iTunes sales are down. Juno sales are down. Music sales are down as a whole. Instead of playing the blame game with pirates, this post looks at voids in distribution and promotion strategies, that are more often than not, filled by pirate activity.

Sales Ahoy! Piracy Inspired Lessons for Labels

Quite recently, a collective of online pirates issued a manifesto that outlines what copyright holders need to do in order to stop piracy. Some reasonable conditions appeared on the manifesto… Reasonable or not, should copyrights holders negotiate with pirates? Digital pirates potentially wear two hats, that of customer and competitor, this means that they should be carefully observed.