How to track and find what is hot and trendy on YouTube ?

With Youtube containing millions of videos it can be challenging to work out where you content sits in comparison to others. It can be useful to see what works for others and apply the practice to your own content. It is plain common sense to take inspiration from your surroundings and apply this to creating your own content, see something cool that is proven to work in another video then apply it to your own content. Youtube, the biggest and most — well- known online video site, provides easy and efficient tools that let you sift through the millions of hours of video and arrive like a heat seeking missile right at the videos trending.

Let’s discover more about Trending tools with Music Insights.. Youtube for artists and many more.…


When you go on the Youtube HOME PAGE, you’re able to select between 3 tabs located just below the search bar. Home, Trending, Subscriptions. The trending tab is not linked to your current activity. It’s a compilation of the weeks trending videos which may evolve over the course of the week.

Why should you be interested in this type of content?

It’s always good to know your market, keeping on top of trends keeps you agile.

Why would you shy away from some of the most popular videos in the world right now, it can give you ideas in terms of new and interesting video formats and use of technology.

Trends don’t fizzle out they evolve by seeing them evolve and being at the limit of now you can better innovate your own content by seeing what is possible now and imagining what might be possible next.

Looking at 2–3 videos every week keeps you up to date in addition to increasing knowledge of your environment.

If a certain video is performing well, a quick analysis will tell you why: good communication, nice editing or maybe use of a new mechanic for reaching fans.


Additionally Google Trends:

This allows you to see what people are searching for off of Youtube in terms of google searches but there is an option to switch to Youtube specific trends.

I love this as it allows you to search for what’s trending in specific subjects, artists, genres etc. It’s also great for benchmarking trends in other countries.

It also allows you to plot trends over a period of time.


It features top tracks and popular hits from a variety of genres, each week, across the whole world.

You can also have a look on this channel to see all the most popular videos of the moment.

It can help for out of the box thinking using a chart free of the usual music industry garble.

You’ll be surprised because you’ll see the regular names and played out hits but also confronted by some strange musical anomalies that have surfaced almost completely out of nowhere, ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen’ anyone?


In Music Insights you can choose the geographic area and dates in order to review what is popular locally.

An easy function to which setting can also be sorted by title and artist. The”locally popular “ tab presents a weekly summary of unusually popular music in a city or region, as opposed to popular songs in the country.

This means you can really drill down into the data which is not achievable with the standard charts.


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