Packshot video creation tool

We recently rolled out a video packshot creation tool that enables you to create a packshot video via your audio release(s).

These are sent to our thematic channels on multiple video platforms. Our thematic channels are genre specific to your content.

You need to speak to your channel manager to set this up, once the function is activated, these are the steps to follow for pack shot creation:

1. Choose your audio release in ‘Manage existing releases’ area

my catalogue screenshot

2. Click on ‘Create a packshot video’

create packshot screenshot

3. Select the release date/time, the thematic channel to deliver and click on ‘Create’ button.

track title screenshot

4. The release has been created.

packshot created screenshot

For more information and/or If you would like this functionality enabled on you account, please contact your Video Channel Manager.

Video scheduling

Have you ever wondered the best time to schedule your content? Well now with YouTube analytics, you can strategically monitor the interactivity around your content for better viewing and engagement, giving your content the best chance of success.

Our aim is to make your content go live just before your audience arrives to the channel, which will ensure the video appears in subscriber feeds, and be the latest video in the video uploads tab for non-subscribers. This will give the video the best chance of being viewed, and will also have a better chance of having a positive influence on YouTube’s algorithm. This is due to having a larger number of engaged viewers, which will lead to an increase in the video’s ranking in SEO.

Looking at the example channel analytics below, we would want to schedule our videos to go live in position A on a weekly basis, as this is just before the largest amount of weekly audiences arrive on the channel. If we uploaded at Position B, we would miss the opportunity to have the video available to when the largest amount of audiences arrive on the channel.example analytics

If you require any assistance using your YouTube analytics, please get in touch with your Video Channel Manager.