You have uploaded a video on YouTube and received a « copyright notification ». Your video is not monetized for you anymore, or it doesn’t have sound now, or it is simply blocked. Why? What should you do? These are the questions we will try and answer.

Your videos & your rights on YouTube.

If you have uploaded personal videos on YouTube, you may have used a song from an artist to illustrate your purpose. If that is the case, you probably received a notification/content ID claim on YouTube from Believe Digital or another recording label/distributor. This notification warns you that this video is using an audio track in which you don’t own the rights. This is normal! This is because of YouTube’s robot: Content ID. It permanently scans all the videos posted on the platform to detect uses of these songs to then pay back the royalties generated to the rights owner.

The video underneath explains the Content ID in details.

What does this notification imply?

This message informs you that the content from the right owner, whether it is audio or video, is distributed by Believe Digital. In most of the cases, your video will not be blocked (except in specific countries where the rights owner’s strategy is to block the video using this audio). But most of the time, your video will be monetized for the rights owner’s account, via ads on your video.

Which solution is for you?

If you don’t want ads on your YouTube videos, or if you want to monetize your videos for your own account, make sure you have 100% of the audio AND video rights! Because even if you post an original video with some third-party content in it, you will receive the notification from Believe Digital (or from another rights owner).

However, if you previously discussed an agreement with the label/artist from which you want to use the audio recording for your video, the label will inform us about it and we will release our claim.

If you still get a notification and you are absolutely sure you own all of the rights on your video, you can contest this claim directly via your Creator Studio on YouTube. You can find this option by clicking on the blue message “Includes copyrighted content” just near your video in the video manager. This option will inform us directly and we will take further action to solve this conflict as soon as possible.

Finally, if you want to use some musical content in your videos without having to deal with labels and artists, you can choose music from the numerous copyright-free databases on the internet. There is a also free YouTube audio library available right here. You can monetize your videos by using these audio files as long as you comply with the library’s CGUs.

For more detailed information about this topic, you can find the official explanations from YouTube about copyrights management right here.