Today we inaugurate a long-awaited functionality.
Thanks to Believe Backstage you can now easily create compilations from your catalog without having to import your tracks again.
To do so, there is nothing simpler: connect to your Believe backstage interface and choose the option “Create a compilation”.
  1. Edit the metadatas  and the cover as you would do for an album creation.
  2. Your are now left with 2 options
  • You can either select a track from your catalog without importing it again or add a new track that is not on your catalog yet.
  • You can then complete your compilation by choosing the distribution network, the release date, the price code. ..
You can also add the options allowed by Believe Backstage (pre-order, video…)
We hope that you will be completely satisfied with this new service as Christmas is on its way and remain at your disposal for any further information.
As usual, a tutorial is available here.