Here at Believe, big stuff has been happening in the world of dance music, with new signings Plump DJ’s, Halo Nova and Lazersonic & Zak Frost generating complimentary and exciting reviews from the media and blogosphere…

Lazersonic (real name Irfan Nathoo) & Zak Frost have been creating waves in the press with their second album ‘Adventures in Stereo Vol 1’ recently, with DJ Magazine even going as far as to call the record ‘a cosmic threat of epic proportions.’



Critics get all weirdly romantic hearing their sound: the website, The Arts Desk, described part of the duo’s sound as a ‘throb of techno dipped into a hot chocolate of dub moods’, with iDJ Magazine saying that when listening to it ‘you can almost feel the first sunrays of the day gently warming your face.’

The CMU website gave an honest and constructive review of the record, and ‘highly recommended’ the opening track ‘Kaleidoscope’, calling it ‘lovingly crafted, and an exemplary start that’s hard to match.’ They also singled out track ‘Stars’ as having ‘a lush vocal over uplifting synths and a tight beatsy background.’

Due to the success of the marketing campaign around this release, this pair was also featured on Music Week magazine’s ‘The Panel’ a few weeks back:

Halo Nova has also been exciting DJ’s and gathering interest with his Latin inspired dance tracks. The 20-year-old producer (real name Nick Pittsinger) hails from Tampa, Florida, and his new release ‘Goombaton EP’ has caused quite a stir in the industry, even being championed on Radio 1 by Toddla T.

On the ‘In New DJ’s We Trust’ show, Toddla said of Halo Nova’s track ‘Get Sticky’, “of all the music I played (at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Carlisle) this sound was definitely one of the ones that got the biggest reaction…it’s good to see it growing and getting bigger all the time.” said the tracks on this EP were ‘hefty enough to make any dance floor fill up and explode in ecstasy’.

This post is by Believe Digital/Zimbalam Social Media intern and blogger Jess Boyer @jessroseboyer