Emicida is one of the biggest revelations of underground hip-hop in Brazil. He is considered one of the best masters of ceremonies over the last year and was the first Brazilian rapper to perform at Coachella, arguably one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Well-known for his impromptu rhymes, that made him one of the most respected MCs in his country, he puts Brazilian hip-hop on the world map as well as raising hot topics such as poverty, wealth and social progress in his music.

Check out his last work Bonjour with Féfé, where rhymes in Portuguese and French are mixed. The track is a universal shout-out to the disenfranchised on both sides of the Atlantic, watch below.

Emicida has just returned from Africa where he recorded his much awaited upcoming album, and has just emabrked on his European tour  – dates below:

23.04 Lisboa/Armazem

24.04 London/La Linea @ Rich Mix

27.04 Bourges/Les Printemps

29.04 Nantes/Stereolux (feat Féfé)

30.04 Mühlheim/Funkhaus Party

01.05 Geneva/Switzerland

02.05 Berlin/Gretchen

06.05 Paris/La Bellevilloise (feat Féfé)

To check out more about Emicidia, visit his Facebook page here. Follow him on Twitter here, and check out his YouTube page here.