Say Yes to CultureThe future of culture in Europe is being discussed right now through a consultation on copyright conducted by the European Commission.

Say YES to cultural democracy, diversity and jobs in Europe! Creators for Europe is an initiative of the music creators of Europe, led by their organization, the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA). Although ECSA represents composers and songwriters, the Creators for Europe initiative promotes all creative sectors and creators’ friends and supporters. Today, they call out for every culture lovers and actors to get involved in the future of cultural industries in Europe. The goal is to get Europe to sustain and develop the cultural industries, which depend on copyright to sustain millions of jobs and secure millions of livelihoods.

Join the movement and raise your voice by answering the questionnaire, signing the petition and sharing  it with your network before the 5th March 2014! Together, let’s make culture a European priority!