“Everything’s OK”, the new single by rapper Rewd Adams & DJ/producer The Last Skeptik is out now through Bread & Butter Records. This track is the first offering from their anticipated forthcoming album, “How Not To Make A Living”.

There is no other way to describe lead single “Everything’s OK” apart from ‘massive’. It is a 120bpm behemoth-like banger of a track, with the undeniable bounce of Outkast and an extremely infectious hook. The single is backed with two album songs that remind you of the raw hip hop roots that nurtured Skeptik and Rewd’s earlier works. “Bring It Back” features a stanky large drum break and keys from Skep, steel-clad bars spat from Rewd, and cuts from DMC world champion DJ Mr Thing. Third track “Nukey” has a heavy drum break and synths from Skep, with Rewd channelling his inner Big Daddy Kane via the hardcore ferocity of Blade.

The duo collaborated with animator Sonny Malhorta, who has created an amazing video – a collage of colourful and visually engaging pictures and photographs on a moving canvas, to accompany the track.

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