Part 1: Why video content and YouTube are important



If you haven’t already clocked on to the fact the YouTube is one of your main routes of communicating with your fans, then you’re in trouble!


This month on Blogbelieve it’s all about video: first we introduced our YouTube service, then we provided advice on increasing YouTube video views– so, what’s next?


There are still many acts and labels, who either don’t realise that they’re sitting on a gold mine of video content, or haven’t the slightest clue about creating YouTube / video strategies, so we asked the good folks at Decibel Pictures, who specialise in creating factual video content for the music industry, to share their expertise with you by taking up a guest blog spot or two.

This is part 1, of Feeding the Fan Machine by Decibel Pictures:

It always amazes me when I meet someone in the industry who doesn’t get how phenomenally important video content can be to an artist’s career. I instinctively want to grab them by the scruff of the neck and shake them till they see sense.

In this day and age, if you don’t have a video presence, you’re invisible. And if you don’t have a well thought-out and implemented video strategy as part of your wider PR strategy then, at best, you’re missing a trick; at worst, you’re watching someone’s career go down the toilet.

Statistics show that more people watch music on YouTube now than download it (legally or illegally). Music is the most popular category on YouTube with a 31% share. If you haven’t already clocked on to the fact the YouTube is one of your main routes of communicating with your fans, then you’re in trouble!

And it’s not just YouTube. Video is hosted on a variety of media: Music TV channels, video sharing sites and blogs and music news sites. If you don’t have content up there, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your artist and their music. And if you have bad content up there, well…

Direct-to-fan marketing, especially through social networks is one of your most important marketing tools. Regularly updated and good quality video content keeps fans engaged on a personal level with your artist, developing a sense of loyalty that is hard to match through any other medium. If you’re not feeding your fan machine on a regular basis with engaging and good quality content, then you’re losing your fans’ attention and interest.

We’ve all Googled a new artist that’s caught our attention, clicked on maybe just one link (it used to be MySpace, now it’s probably Facebook or YouTube) and in probably less than a minute, you make a judgement on what kind of artist they are: how good they are, their perceived success, their “coolness” and so on… Probably based on a social networking site and maybe 20 seconds of actually listening to their music.

Live video content is great because we can draw conclusions about what sort of venues the artist plays and how packed their gigs are. Also, and perhaps most importantly, from watching a live gig clip, we can make an assumption as to how enjoyable their gigs are likely to be. It doesn’t take a genius to realise this can translate directly into ticket sales.

Example Live Video from Decibel

Video strategies are now more important than in the MTV days, after all, your video presence is no longer limited to television; videos are everywhere online and they create valuable first, second, third, even fourth impressions because they help facilitate the connection that a) many fans crave and b) can help create bigger, more engaged fanbases… Watch this space to see Decibel’s top tips for video content.

This guest post was written by Charlotte Johnson, Producer/Director at Decibel Pictures, @DecibelPictures